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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Helio And Drew Say Goodbye In Double Elimination

October 09, 2012 08:45 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Last night, Dancing with the Stars once again exhibited a surprising trend: a lack of pain-inducing dance performances! Even Bristol Palin (the weakest link) managed to get through her ice queen dance without being a complete eyesore! Unfortunately, two contestants have to go home tonight. Who failed to make the cut?

The season of excessive filler material continues with a recap of last night’s performances. While this segment is probably quite useful for those unfortunate enough to miss the Monday night episode, it gets a little, well, repetitive for the rest of us. Fortunately, the judges were able to entertain with a few interesting insights, the best of which involved Bruno accusing Maks of looking like an “ugly woman” when dressed like Jagger.

Finally, the new stuff is about to begin. Oh wait, not yet. Since every recap includes a second performance of the top dance of the night before, we get to see a rehash of Shawn and Derek’s crazy, gymnastics-filled routine. Not that we’re disappointed! We agree with the judges, all of whom felt that Shawn and Derek’s dance was one of the best on Dancing with the Stars to date. That’s quite the compliment!

And now that we’ve waited for ages, it’s time for some results! First to take the stage are Gilles and Peta, Emmitt and Cheryl, and of course, the entertaining Maks and Kirstie. All three couples looked great (and yes, Bruno, even Maks looked awesome), so this is all a bit nerve-wracking. Maks and Kirstie are in danger, and while this is disappointing, the couple did have the lowest score of this batch of contestants.

While the suspense builds for the next round of results, Frankie Moreno takes the stage as tonight’s musical guest. He’s joined by the talented DWTS troupe in what easily amounts to the best part of the results show!

More results! Next on stage are Drew and Anna, Apolo and Karina, Shawn and Derek and finally, Melissa and Tony. We’re not too surprised to hear that Drew and Anna made the bottom. While Drew isn’t exactly a bad dancer, he’s just not up to scratch when compared to many of the other all stars.

Last night, a new little twist was introduced into the competitions: couples get to choose dance styles for other couples! And now, we get to learn all about those choices! Here’s the results:

Bristol and Mark choose Bollywood for Gilles and Peta.

Kirstie and Maksim select isco for Sabrina and Louis.

Helio and Chelsie pick the mambo for Shawn and Derek

Kelly and Val choose the bolero for Emmitt and Cheryl

Melissa and Tony pick hip-hop for Apolo and Karina — this should be interesting!

Apolo and Karina offer up a jitterbug for Melissa and Tony

Emmitt and Cheryl select contemporary for Kelly and Val

Shawn and Derek choose Broadway for Helio and Chelsie

Sabrina and Louis pick the Charleston for Kirstie and Maksim

And finally, Bristol and Mark get rock and roll. Hmm, don’t know how that will work out.

After the big news, the audience is awarded with some stunning tap moves from inspirational dancer Joshua Johnson. And after Joshua is Karmin, a pop duo that has been attracting a lot of attention as of late.

All good things must come to an end, and this is currently true of Helio, Chelsie, Drew and Anna’s tenure on the show. We’ll be sad to see them go. And it’s not likely these eliminations will get any easier as the season continues.

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One Response to “Dancing With The Stars Recap: Helio And Drew Say Goodbye In Double Elimination”

  1. Debra Abreut Says:
    October 11th, 2012 at 8:49 am

    I’m dissappointed that the dancers with real
    talent are being eliminated! It appears that
    Dancing With the Stars will most probably loose
    it’s popularity, if this continues.


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