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Face Off 3 Recap: Exploring The World Of Dr. Seuss

October 10, 2012 12:48 PM by Ryan Haidet

Being on a reality show, they say, might make you famous some day.

The Face Off contents aspiring for success, found themselves in Seussian stress.

After stopping by the home of the Grinch, the contestants once again found themselves in a time pinch.

While battling to survive another round, one’s lackluster makeup sent them homeward bound.

Hey, at least it actually rhymes.

While I am definitely no Dr. Seuss, his masterful mix of words and crazy creations were used as the motivation for this week’s spotlight challenge.  Standing on the Universal Studios backlot in a snowy scene ripped straight from Dr. Seuss’s “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” the remaining makeup artists met with host McKenzie Westmore who revealed the next spotlight challenge: To create a human-hybrid creation inspired by a character from Dr. Seuss’s “Sleep Book.”  Awesome!  I love Dr. Seuss!  Naturally, I loved the way the finished makeups came out.  Jump inside the rest of the story to see close-up photos of every Seuss makeup.

Challenge Woes

Alana, already upset about Rod’s elimination, was worried that her character from “Sleep Book” had no unique features because it simply looked like a giant cotton ball monster.  “I just want to do a great makeup and it’s just like this huge chicken,” Alana cried during the first day of the competition.  After Sarah offered up some words of encouragement, Alana kept her head held high and got going on her fluffy Seuss creation.

As is usual, everybody struggled with the time factor more than anything else.

The Big Reveal

Famed filmmaker Brian Grazer joined the judges’ panel as each final makeup was presented.  Here’s a closer look at all of the finalized creations:

Top Looks

Nicole: “Feels like he automatically plugs into this world,” judge Neville Page said.  Brian added that he felt it was the most Seussian creation of any of the makeups.  Ultimately, the judges selected her work as the best of the challenge.  I agree.  This makeup really did capture the spirit of Seuss.

Roy: “Once again, you’ve certainly taken on an incredibly ambitious endeavor,” judge Glenn Hetrick said.  “This makes me smile,” Neville added.

Laura: Neville praised her paint job while Brian told her it was “good work.”

Bottom Looks

Derek: “There’s something that feels out of balance that has to do with the size of her face and the size of her hair,” Brian criticized.  Judge Ve Neill thought the hair around the neck was really bad before saying she believed Derek “missed the mark” this week.

Sarah: Ve felt like the character had way too much hair and added that it looked an awful lot like Beetlejuice.  Brian said he didn’t “feel the Seussian heartbeat living inside” the creation.  Personally, I dig this one.  I think it works.

Alana: “This is the worst makeup I’ve ever done in my whole life,” Alana said as her creature walked onto the stage.  When the judges offered their critiques, Glenn said her paint job was a “morbid failure.”  Ve said it looked like a bad nose job on her face.  Alana was nearly brought to tears as she said that she wished she could have done something better.  “Your inability to settle on the concept was blindingly obvious tonight,” Glenn said.  For her lackluster creation, Alana was sent packing.

Much like the Tim Burton challenge from last season, I really enjoyed this episode.  Totally fun.  Don’t you agree?”

What are your thoughts on this episode?  Which finished makeup creation do you think is the best?  Which do you think is the worst?  Who do you think deserves to win the whole competition?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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