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Ghost Hunters Recap: Unexplained Sounds At Two Haunted Locations

October 10, 2012 07:12 PM by Ryan Haidet

Dating back to 1852, the Old State Capitol building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was the focus of tonight’s Ghost Hunters investigation.  A congressman died in the massive building following a heated debate about gambling in which he collapsed.  Jason, the TAPS team lead investigator, said the energy behind the congressman’s death is the type of story that often ties itself to paranormal activity.  It’s also noteworthy that the historic building’s basement was used by the Union Army as a prison during the Civil War.  What kind of evidence did TAPS capture?  All the details are inside!

After only seeing her for two episodes, Ashley, the newest member of the TAPS team, wasn’t included whatsoever.  Jason said it was because they were trying to slowly integrate her into the team.  Strange.  I don’t think they should have introduced her at all until she was already considered integrated.  It doesn’t make much sense to me because fans of the show should start getting more familiar with her.  Not teased with her presence before she disappears.

Chasing Noises

When the investigation began, Amy and Adam unloaded a deck of cards and started “gambling” in hopes their activity would spark some interest from the long-deceased congressman.  As usual, they started hearing strange sounds, which Adam compared to poker chips echoing in the distance.  Amy heard something, too.  But I didn’t hear anything that resembled something paranormal.  Nada.  Zilch.  Adam trumped it up as if the sound was blaring.  While I think Adam had a great moment during a recently aired investigation, he primarily gets on my nerves because he seems to exaggerate everything that happens.  I really think somebody on the staff could fart and he would blame it on barking spiders.

Doors With Minds Of Their Own

As they moved to the basement, they both heard strange noises before Amy claimed to see something big walk by a door in front of them.  Of course, it wasn’t visible on video.  Then they heard a static-like whisper before a squealing sound caught everybody’s attention.  It sounded like a creaky door opening, but nobody on the TAPS team mentioned that idea at all.  Hilariously, in the next shot, Steve was opening a door that was very creaky.  Hmmmmm…

After Jason and Steve heard a nearby door close, Steve and Tango heard another door shut by itself.  After running over to it, they discovered the door has a magnetic element that is supposed to keep it open.  For that reason, they didn’t believe paranormal activity could be blamed for it closing even though somebody affiliated with the building said those magnets are too strong to malfunction.

The evidence captured here was far from compelling, which is probably why it was only given a tad more than half the episode’s time.

On To The Next…

Since the first investigation didn’t dig up anything but noises and exaggerated reactions, the episode included a second investigation at a different location: This time at the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.  The property, according to Jason, is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the country.  With that label, why didn’t they grant this awesome-looking place an entire episode of its own?  Because the evidence captured here was just as lackluster as the first investigation — which once again was done without the presence of Ashley.

There was one very extremely odd sound that was clearly captured on audio, which Steve called a “literal growl.”  Jason thought it was a voice.  When he heard it on playback, Britt compared it to the sound of somebody dying.  It was weird, but it wasn’t anything stunning.  Were you impressed?  I think it sounded a lot like a creaky floorboard overhead as somebody’s foot slowly pushed pressure on it.  Amy and Adam also claimed to hear music in the distance.  But I didn’t hear anything.  Again, barking spiders.  Need I say more?

The remainder of the investigation had the TAPS team chasing sounds and Steve getting hit by drapes that fell down.  Nothing too exciting.

What are your thoughts on the episode?  Do you believe any of the evidence they captured is concrete evidence pointing toward the existence of paranormal activity?  Have you ever experienced something paranormal?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of SyFy.

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