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Bam Margera Holds Gun To Puppy’s Head-And Tweets It

October 11, 2012 04:00 PM by Megan Wilson

Bam Margera is making headlines again after an incident on twitter.  The Jackass star reportedly tweeted a picture of himself with a gun to Penny’s head.  Who’s Penny?  His pitbull puppy.  Bam Margera posed for the picture with the puppy in one arm, and a gun to her head in the other. A sign off to the side stated, “Penny pooped in my bed.  If it happens again, Penny goes Bye Byes.”

The tweet was deleted after Bam received a backlash of hateful comments for his post.  Bam explained that the gun was fake, but what does that matter?  Fake or not, he made a lot of enemies with one picture.

After being reached by the local paper in his Chester County, Pa., home, Margera stated that he had no knowledge of a dramatic increase in horrific animal-abuse cases in his area. “I think those people need to go down,” he said, admitting that if he’d known about the rise in local animal abuse cases, he wouldn’t have posted the picture. “Just hurting another animal is rude, crude and more.”  Which really shouldn’t make a difference.  There’s just some things you don’t joke about.  Killing animals is probably in the top 5 of that list.

Bam also wanted the public to know that he did not own a gun and had only fired one at a clay shooting event.

“I feel like every follower I have on Twitter knows my Jackass joking kind of humor,” he said. He also pointed out that no one was upset about photos he posted of himself holding the toy gun to his friends’ heads.  Still, he mused, “All press is good press.”

Do you think the gun was fake?  Do you follow Bam on twitter?  What on earth was he thinking?

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Photo Credit: GrindTV

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