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Britney Spears Releases New Ad For “Fantasy Twist” Perfume

October 11, 2012 03:00 PM by Megan Wilson

Britney Spears released an ad today for her new perfume, “Fantasy Twist”.  The X Factor star has been leaking photos from the shoot all week, giving her fans a glimpse of what’s to come. In her new ad, Britney Spears appears in the hallway of an old hotel, morphing into the hotel guest’s fantasies of who they believe she is as they look at her through the peepholes in the door.  In one take she’s decked out in an gold Egyptian dress complete with a headband; in another, the complete opposite-a dark, jeweled, Gothic inspired Cleopatra.

Fantasy Twist is the tenth perfume released by Britney.  The scent is actually a combination of both her Fantasy perfume and her Midnight Fantasy perfume.  One scent for day, and one for night, each housed in separate bottles that fit together.  The bottle itself is unassuming, which is which successfully pulls off the two-in-one idea when paired with the dramatic ad.  The pink  bottle is a light, white floral scent with hints of kiwi, jasmine and cupcakes. The blue bottle, which is a heavier, night scent, smells like a seductive mix of black cherries, freesia and woody musks.  The pink and blue are representative of the sultry starlet’s favorite colors.

Some critics are citing new campaign as “Treading old ground”, saying that her ad is quite similar her 2007 music video, “Gimme More.”  In the video she is seen wearing the same blonde wig with short bangs, and later in the video dons a dark, dangerous do.  Whether this is coincidence or not, we’re sure that it will work well for Britney.

Britney is definitely going for duality in both her ad campaign and her perfume, suggesting that looks (and maybe even scent) can be misleading.  The print ad for the fragrance was shot photographer Ellen von Unwerth, who wanted to channel some of her own duality into the campaign.

The fragrance will be available exclusively at Kohl’s.

Have you smelled the scent yet?  What do you think of the ad?

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Image Credit: Fox

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