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Kirstie Alley Fears Getting Fat Again

October 11, 2012 07:00 AM by Donna W. Martin

Kirstie Alley has battled weight problems for quite some time. As a yo-yo dieter, she’s gone from plump to fit and back again on more than one occasion. But the Dancing With the Stars celeb who’s fit and slim at the moment says there’s no turning back now. She’s determined to keep the weight off this time and live healthier from now on.

In an interview with Dr. Oz last month, Kirstie said she “didn’t start gaining weight until 2004” at age 53. She attributes the changes in her weight to a lifestyle change that began in late 2003. Kirstie was unmarried at the time and decided, “screw it.” She wanted to spend time with her kids. She baked with them, helped eat the goodies, and started drinking 12 grape sodas per day. This of course helped her pack on the pounds and started her battle with the bulge.

According to In Touch, Kirstie, now 61-years-old likens her weight loss battles to a cat. “I’ve had at least nine lives and this may be the last one so I need to live in a lean manner.”

Although Kirstie is conscientious about her weight, she’s afraid of packing the pounds back on. So afraid in fact, she admits, that she sometimes has nightmares about gaining weight.

But when asked if going back to a life of “fat Kirstie” terrified her, “That’s done. It’s like my ex-boyfriend,” she boldly replied. “I’m done with that.”

Do you think Kirstie will be able to maintain her current slimmed down appearance? Or do you think she will put the weight back on? Tell us what you think by posting a comment below.

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One Response to “Kirstie Alley Fears Getting Fat Again”

  1. Missy Says:
    October 16th, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    I want to know what the judges have against Kirstie Allen??? Is it her weight or is because of their ongoing battle against her partner Max? Whatever their beef is they need to get over it. She is a very good dancer and she leaves Bristol Palin and Emmett Smith in the dust when she dances. If they were TRUE judges they would be partial and put their personal likes/dislikes aside. I would say that most of the DWTS viewers are also overweight and most of us admire her for just getting on stage in those very revealing costumes. Her dancing ability, Max’s good looks and his bravery to speak back when the judges are unfair are simply “cherries on the cake” in my opinion! The judges need to be FAIR or GET OFF the SHOW!!!!!!


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