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Lindsay Lohan Fights With Mom Dina

October 11, 2012 05:13 AM by Donna W. Martin

Drama seems to follow Lindsay Lohan; star of Punk’d wherever she goes. In her latest scuffle, Lohan gets into yet another fight with her mom, Dina. And this time it’s over money, mixed with claims of cocaine use.

According to TMZ, Lindsay and her mom, Dina left a New York City club around four in the morning. The two women were in a limo headed to Dina’s home in Long Island when an intense argument broke out between them.

The fight quickly turned from screaming and yelling to a physical encounter that left Lohan with a gash in her leg and a broken diamond bracelet.

Lohan then called her dad, Michael crying and screaming. She told him she was being kidnapped by her mom. “She’s on cocaine. She’s like touching her neck and sh*t,” Lindsay said of her mom.

Lohan went on to tell her dad that the fight initially started over money. She had given her mom a $40,000 loan to keep her house out of foreclosure. And when Lohan asked for the money back, her mom flipped out.

A call was made to 911 and the dispatcher was told that Lohan was being held against her will by both her mom and their driver. Police were sent to Dina’s home where a Domestic Incident Report was filed, but no one was arrested.

According to In Touch, an inside source revealed that Lohan and her mom “have been fighting like hyperactive teenage boys for the past 15 years. They are both highly irrational and super-sensitive, and neither of them possess any filter or impulse control,” she said. “If I could count on my fingers the number of full-blown screaming fights they have had, I would be the thousand-fingered woman. They both need help.”

Sounds like a big mess to me! Tell us what you think of Lindsay’s latest drama by posting a comment below.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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