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Project Runway Recap: Tea Time For Tim!

October 11, 2012 09:20 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Time flies when you’re having fun…or being ratted out by Tim Gunn! The season finale of Project Runway kicks off tonight, with Christopher, Melissa, Fabio and Dmitry duking it out for the top spot. The pressure’s on! First though, Tim has the rough task of visiting all the contestants in their homes and hearing their life stories. Yawn.

The final four should not get too comfy yet — Heidi has a huge challenge for them! Each designer gets to head home with $9,000. This money will be used to develop a new collection which may or may not be shown off at New York’s Fashion Week.

After a few weeks have passed, Tim heads out to check up on the designers. Gotta keep ‘em in shape! Christopher lands the first visit. He’s been busy working on a huge collection inspired by his mom’s X-ray. After gushing over all of Christopher’s work thus far, Tim sits down for tea time with Christopher’s family. Aww, how sweet.

Travel time is cut to a minimum for Tim’s next consult, since Fabio’s pad is conveniently located in Manhattan. But there’s another obstacle in the way: a second awkward meal with a finalist’s family. Poor Tim’s gonna get a belly from all this fattening food the contestant’s family members are throwing his way. After being stuffed with food, Tim checks out Fabio’s collection. While the concept – tribal personas – is fascinating, it doesn’t quite work out in real life. Especially problematic are the shoes. But Fabio stands by his selection of clunky footwear. Bad choice, Fabio.

Dmitry’s staying with a bud in Jersey City, so Tim heads out there for yet another heart-to-heart. Dmitry decides to go the healthy route with tea — and no sweets. He tells Tim all about his struggles with being unemployed. I’d like to sympathize, but the whole explanation comes across as, “Pick me; I’ve made sacrifices for this show!” Tim’s not all that moved though, and it shows in his critique. While he likes the geometrical concept, Tim suggests that Dmitry might be playing it too safe at this point.

After hanging on the East Coast, it’s time for Tim to pack his bags and head to San Francisco! He meets up with Melissa (plus her boyfriend and parents) for a boat ride. It apparently has been a looong time since Tim has seen Melissa, because he seems to think that she’s looking “confident.” Melissa, confident? Hmm, seems like an oxymoron to me. Still, Melissa should feel confident, since Tim is loving her fabric choices.

Now it’s Melissa’s turn to take a cross-country trip, because everyone needs to head back to New York for Fashion Week. The finalists marvel over their fancy new suite and then engage in the usual “OMG I’m sooo gonna win” chatter.

Next, it ‘s off to the workroom, where the finalists critique each others’ designs. As usual, Dmitry is not too impressed with Christopher. Sorry, Dmitry, it’s not your opinion that matters on this show. Christopher thinks that Melissa should have stepped a little more out of her comfort zone. But we know he’s secretly glad she didn’t, because it makes his impending championship all the more likely.

There aren’t any guest judges this week, so it’s just the usual Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum. The judges are not all that impressed by the designers’ creations, especially given the fact that they had over a month to work on their collections. So, what to do when all the designs are equally bad? Reward everyone, of course! That’s right, all four are going through to next week. We can’t say we’re exactly surprised. But it’s a bit disappointing when the reason for the lack of an elimination is simply that everyone’s designs suck.

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