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The Real Housewives Of Miami Recap: Girl, Settle Down!

October 11, 2012 07:37 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Miami is all new tonight on Bravo.  Adriana wants Karent to “tone down” her behavior in social situations.  Will the mean girls gang up on Karent? 

It’s a daytime pow-wow at Mynt between Marta and Romain. The whole conversation is like a father kicking his daughter out of the house.  Romain basically calls Marta a lazy free-loader.  “I’m not a spoiled brat,” Marta breaks down in tears.  Showing no emotion what-so-ever, Romain tells Marta he will have to put her to work at the club. 

Trying to be a better fiance, Joanna stops by Ana’s house for a cooking lesson.  The way Joanna is man-handling the onion, it’s obvious she isn’t talented in the kitchen – good thing she is pretty.  The ladies gossip about the men in their life and the mistakes they have made. 

Karent can’t be any more thrilled to have her boyfriend in town and at home with her.  Between a lot of PDA, Karent chats about  ”the girls” and Rudolfo gets annoyed.  Karent goes on to explain the whole tweet situation/drama that happened between her and Adriana.  There is no doubt that Rudolfo can’t stand this conversation as he sighs as Karent explains the whole story.  “If they are bitches, you are the biggest bitch,” is his advice to his woman.

It’s the night of the Heart and Stars gala, so all the ladies are glammed up and ready to party.  “Little Lisa, she’s so cute, because she’s trying really hard,” Lea slams Lisa about trying to host a charity event. We know Lea, your gala is the biggest and the best.  But Lea isn’t done offending people, her next victim is Marysol.  Marysol graciously accepts Lea’s invitation to attend the gala ball, but tells her she is going to have to break a date with a man.  Lea just can’t help proving that she was right by saying Marysol’s ex “got his green card and left.”  Ouch!  This recycled joke” from season one still doesn’t go over well with Marysol.  A fuming Marysol walks away and probably will not be attending the gala.  Finally, Karent arrives with her soap star boyfriend. “She’d go to the opening of an envelope,” Adriana says about Karent.  Ana, Lea and Adriana all agree that Karent is a little too “eager beaver” for their liking.

Right in the middle of the party, Joanna wants to know what Romain and Marta talked about.  “It’s not healthy being around you guys,” Marta tells her sister.  The model is shocked, and in tears, that her baby sister wants to move out instead of living with a dysfunctional couple. 

As the party continues and the drinks are flowing, Karent gets more annoying to the woman.  Trying to prove her social status, Karent goes on and on about how this real estate mogul wants to date her. “I’m like girl, settle down!” Adriana tells the cameras about Karent’s awkward social skills.  Adriana plans to have a talk with Karent about her out of control behavior.

Lea invites Adriana and Joanna to the food tasting for the big gala event.  Right away, the women gossip about how Marysol dropped the ball at last year’s event.  Basically Lea will sacrifice any friendship for her big night.  Then out of the blue, Joanna calls Adriana out for flirting with her man. Insecure much Joanna? Thank goodness for Adriana, because she switches the topic of conversation to Karent.  Joanna thought these girls were friends with Karent, but was schooled on that subject.  “She’s so annoying, she’s such a wannabe…”Adriana goes on and on about how desperate Karent is. “Karent was brought into this group by me,” Adriana reminds the ladies.  Now Joanna feels she has to warn Karent about Adriana’s comments.

As Karent is driving in the car, Joanna calls her to warn her about the whole Adriana situation.  The whole conversation at the tasting is regurgitated to Karent.  A fired up Karent pulls out the doctor card and refuses to be bullied by these women. Karent has to get off the phone, because she has arrived at the party.  Bring on the drama!

What did you think of tonight’s RHOM?  Are you bored with this season?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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