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Octomom Bombshell: Her Children Are Being Sexually Abused

October 12, 2012 12:00 PM by Lisa Princ

Admit it, you knew it was coming. Octomom couldn’t stay out of the headlines for long. What’d she do now? Well, the stripping mom is now dealing with a child sexual abuse scandal. Wait until you hear this one!

Nadya Suleman is constantly making horrific headlines, such as stripping for cash, doing porn, as well as auctioning herself off for a date, so why should we be surprised that she’s in the middle of a sexual abuse scandal? Oh yeah, we’re not surprised. According to a new report, two former nannies of Octo are claiming that they witnessed neglect and sexual abuse in her home, not by her, but she did nothing about it!

One the former nannies said that she witnessed one of Octomom’s older boys sexually abusing one of the younger girls. “One of the boys would take his sibling away and take her to another area. And he would be touching her. I told Nadya everything. She never did anything. ‘It’s okay, don’t worry about it.’ That was her attitude,” the nanny told CBS2 news recently.

Another nanny told the news: “I feel like those children are in danger. I think something is going to happen to those children if nothing is done.” Both women also placed notes in the surrounding neighbors’ mailboxes, begging the neighbors to call child services. Rumor has it that three of Octomom’s neighbors did alert authorities, and she is being investigated. Octo has denied the entire thing – as usual.

Sound off below! What do you think of Octomom’s new scandal? Comment and share your thoughts!

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Photo Credit: Hugh Dillon/WENN

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