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Breaking Amish Recap: Does Kate Have An Eating Disorder?

October 14, 2012 11:00 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on Breaking Amish, Jeremiah visited a strip club, Sabrina started her job, Abe contemplated marriage, and Rebecca found Kate’s arrest record. This week, Kate explains her DUI, as well as denies claims she might have an eating disorder.

While Sabrina and Kate start their day with spiked orange juice, Jeremiah, Rebecca, and Abe discuss Kate’s DUI. Jeremiah, always the self-righteous jerk, demands, “How did she get a DUI? She’s supposed to be Amish, so where’s her driver’s license? You want me to start on that?” Oh, please. Get over yourself, Jeremiah. Kate calmly explains the DUI. Rebecca declares she’s never drinking. Abe calls Kate a hypocrite.

Jeremiah tackles his first day as a cab driver. He says things to customers like “umm, what’s FDR?” and “can you guys give me a little slack here? It’s my first day,” and then he complains because he only earns $50 for the day. Kate, Rebecca, Abe, and Sabrina check out a sex museum. Abe says, “Well, if you need to know, I got educated – a sex education.” Abe buys glow in the dark condoms, because, you know, if he has to “wrap that stump before he humps” he might as well make it look good.

Honestly, my head aches more after each episode. First Sabrina’s vagina talk, then Jeremiah’s boner talk, and now Abe’s stump talk. I can’t even go there with this group.

Abe decides he’s ready to propose to Rebecca. He finds a ring he likes, but he’s short on cash. Abe tells Jeremiah about his plans. Jeremiah admits he has been married, and he expresses concern about Abe’s decision. Still, Jeremiah offers to loan Abe the rest of the money he needs to buy a ring.

After the sex museum, Abe, Rebecca, and Sabrina discuss Kate’s diet habits. They all share the same concern – does Kate have an eating disorder? On top of barely eating, Abe says Kate works out for three hours a day. Sabrina says Kate drinks way too much on an empty stomach. They confront Kate, after a long day preparing for her modeling shoot. Kate tells them they’re freaking out over nothing. Then, she gets annoyed and says, “I don’t think they’re the ones who should be judging me about my health and what I’m eating and what I’m doing. They eat nothing but potato chips and fast food all day.”

Jeremiah attacks Sabrina next, because she’s texting guys. Jeremiah, the guy who refers to women as “chicks” or “hot chicks” and visits strip clubs, says to Sabrina and Kate, “If you guys want to act like sluts, go for it.” Sabrina starts screaming, because that’s what she does, and Kate calls out Jeremiah. She suggests he’s only giving Sabrina a hard time because he likes her, but she’s (wisely) paying attention to other guys. Sabrina kicks Jeremiah out of her room. Jeremiah looks awfully pleased with himself as he’s leaving the room. What a creep.

Abe returns to the ring store and stares at the ring. He’s not sure… until he finds out it comes with a little box. Then, it’s a done deal, and Abe leaves the jewelry store with an engagement ring for Rebecca. Meanwhile, Sabrina meets with the private investigator she hired to find her birth parents. He found Sabrina’s father and grandmother. Sadly, Sabrina learns that her birth mother passed away in 2005.

Following Kate’s modeling shoot, where she looks crazy thin, she meets up with the others at a bar/restaurant. TLC could have sprung for an efficiency apartment for these guys. Where are they getting the money to eat/drink out every single day and night? Sabrina drinks. Jeremiah pisses and moans. Then, Kate shows up, and Jeremiah announces he’s out the door as soon as he’s done eating. Abe and Rebecca join Jeremiah when he leaves. All three of them are over Kate and Sabrina’s drunken escapades.

Suddenly, everyone’s personalities and attitudes change. Once again, Sabrina and Jeremiah are buddies and against Kate. Kate tells Kate Cam that she doesn’t fit in with any of them. Apparently, Sabrina and Jeremiah like to talk about witchcraft and Kate likes to harass people in the middle of the night with the Kate Cam… none of this makes for happy Amish friends.

The Breaking Amish producers talk to Kate about the camera incident. An overly dramatic Kate pretends not to remember waking up Sabrina with the Kate Cam. While Kate sharpens her acting skills cries, Jeremiah and Sabrina decide to move Kate into Abe and Jeremiah’s room. Abe and Jeremiah move in with Rebecca and Sabrina.

Dun, dun, dun… Kate returns. Sabrina says, “You were calling me a scary monster and flip camming me!” Kate cries, “I swear to God, I don’t remember anything!” Sabrina is like, too bad and you’ve been evicted. Sabrina says, “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to live with somebody who is accusing me of witchcraft. Get out of my room.” Kate hyperventilates. Jeremiah says she’s just playing the victim, as per usual. Kate storms out of the room.

And… end scene.

Next time on Breaking Amish, Sabrina visits her biological father. Abe is shown in his plain clothes, talking to his mom about Rebecca. Abe’s mom shares some dirt on Rebecca. Next, Abe is back in NYC, and he says to Rebecca, “How come you didn’t tell me we were already married/making babies before I spent $500 on  a ring!?”

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