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The Amazing Race Recap: Egg Heads, Lion Heads And Muddled Driver Heads

October 14, 2012 09:39 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

The remaining teams on Amazing Race have gone through a lot thus far, but they’re just getting started! Tonight, the lucky contestants face (gasp) a double U-turn, a second restaurant scenario and a rather unique game of dress-up. Hey, it can’t be any worse than eating froggie Fallopian tubes or sorting through fish guts!

As tonight’s episode begins, adorable (and constantly squabbling) twins Natalie and Nadiya are in the lead…plus, they have an express pass! These two have proven their ability to be a bit, well, ditzy, so we weren’t expecting them to take first.  Suffice to say, we’re not too surprised when the twins almost instantly lose their lead. They make the oh-so-common Amazing Race mistake of being nice. That and teaming up with the wrong cab driver. Oh well, at least they have their express pass handy.

The first challenge is to serve a 20-dish Padang meal. Technically, the teams are required to start over if they drop any plates, but sloshing sauce all over is apparently just fine. The contestants proceed to make the biggest mess possible while the guests wind up with a huge mish-mash of dishes mixed together. Yum.

In addition to being beefed-up Chippendales and occasional douchebags, James and Jaymes just so happen to be excellent (well, speedy) servers, making it through the Roadblock challenge first. They are told to head for the Surabaya train station and then watch for the next clue during their train ride. The first five teams to make the train station get to ride the express train, while the slowpokes will have to wait three hours to leave. Sadly, Natalie and Nadiya again have bad luck, missing the express train by just a few seconds.

Detour time! The contestants get to choose between an egg head and a lion head challenge. The egg head teams will have to purchase, prepare and consume eggs in the traditional Indonesian style. Lion head groups get to show off their dance skills in a street parade while wearing super heavy lion costumes. If the costumes were a little skimpier, this could be a great job for the Chippendale dancers!

Abbie and Ryan continue to impress while finishing the lion head challenge quickly and moving on to the U-turn. They can use this to slip up a team — and since it’s anonymous, nobody will know their dark secret. However, being in first place (and like the twins, way too nice for this show), these two decide not to use the U-turn. The following several teams also ditch the U-turn option. Come on guys, what’s the fun in that?

Things are a bit different for the last few teams. They’re already making big plans for the U-turn before they’ve even arrived. Monster truckers Rob and Kelly decide to use it on substitute teachers Gary and Will, the team that was almost booted out last week. Once Gary and Will learn they’ve received the dreaded U-turn, they have to decide who to screw over next. They suspect that Rob and Kelly might be a good team to target but fail to realize that Rob and Kelly have already passed the U-turn (having been the cause of Gary and Will’s dilemma in the first place).

After briefly considering the option of foisting the U-turn on blonde buddies Caitlin and Brittany, Gary and Will go the gut instinct route and stick it to Rob and Kelly. This mistake really should spell doom for Gary and Will, but as with last week, they manage to run into another heap of dumb luck. Brittany and Caitlin wind up with a driver with absolutely no knowledge of the local routes. It’s kinda hard to feel sorry for them though, because Brittany goes completely ballistic on the poor driver. Okay, yes, it sucks to get the wrong driver, but freaking out at someone who is likely making a few bucks a day won’t solve anything.

Caitlin and Brittany almost close the gap during a head-to-head race with the teachers, but it’s not good enough to keep them in the race. Once again, an incompetent driver causes an otherwise competent team to lose the race. That’s right, everyone’s favorite pair of nearly-identical blondes is going home. We’re sure the male audience will be saddened by this development.

Who will get screwed over by a driver next week? Tune in next Sunday to find out!

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