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Bethenny Frankel Weighs In On Presidential Debate

October 17, 2012 01:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Bethenny Frankel likes to think of herself as the new big political commentator. We have to admit that, while lacking in substance (big surprise there!), the former Real Housewives of New York City star’s analysis is entertaining. What did Bethenny think about President Obama and Governor Romeny’s latest faceoff?

If there’s anyone who can bring an interesting perspective to the presidential debate, it’s Bethenny Frankel. At last week’s vice presidential showdown, Bethenny recorded her thoughts (most of which had to do with Joe Biden’s “Chiclet” teeth) on Twitter.   Although she wasn’t quite as attached to the site this week, she still made a point of sharing her reaction to last night’s debate results.

Bethenny first observed that President Obama looked a little more lively last night than he did at the first debate. While one might assume that Obama was simply tired or ill-prepared two weeks ago, Bethenny has her own theory: “Maybe @barackobama is drinking Skinnygirl to get revved up.” Yeah, that’s what we thought too. Obama just loves his Skinnygirl Margaritas. If he loses the election, he can always get a job as Bethenny Frankel’s new beverage spokesperson.

Thanks to his refreshing Skinnygirl, the president was ready to go on the offensive. Romney might not be able to drink Bethenny’s fave margarita, but he was also on top of his game. Bethenny observed, “@MittRomney is about to throw down. @barackobama gave him that look. Can you imagine if they could really use the words they want?”

If the candidates could have said what they were really thinking, they might have been able to prevent Bethenny from conking out before the presidential debate ended. The next morning, she tweeted, “I fell asleep at 945 last night. Bryn wakes at 530 a. What’s the word about the rest of the debate?”

Oh Bethenny, you have failed us in your mission to become the hottest pundit. Lay off on the Skinnygirls next time.

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