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Face Off 3 Recap: Calling All Cyborgs!

October 17, 2012 10:57 AM by Ryan Haidet

Face Off took a robotic twist this week as the final five aspiring makeup artists worked to create an original cyborg character.  To help get them each motivated for the project, the contestants were taken to a junkyard where they gathered various parts to include in their final product.  While I didn’t think this task would interest me very much since cyborgs aren’t my thing, I was extremely impressed by some of the finished makeups.

Sarah was a tad weary of the task because of her Mormon upbringing, which sheltered her from seeing a lot of cyborg-style flicks.  She has admittedly seen two of the “Terminator” films, so she clearly isn’t oblivious to the concept.  While it seemed everybody else started zipping through their creations, Sarah struggled choosing which direction she wanted to go with.

Different Task, Same Worries

As it has become customary, the episode showcased everybody fighting the clock trying their best to avoid cracked molds.  No surprises here.  When judge Glenn Hetrick stopped by the lab on the second day of the challenge, he offered up advice to each contestant.  He liked the concepts and overall designs that Derek, Nicole and Laura had come up with.  Meanwhile, he offered up some warnings to Sarah about her lackluster chest piece.

Model Woes

With less than an hour before revealing their finished products, Laura’s model suddenly started to feel faint.  She asked production to get him some water before he stepped away to go to the restroom.  Naturally, Laura was freaking out about it because she still had work to do.  He returned a few minutes later saying he was feeling OK.

Finished Makeups

Gale Anne Hurd, who worked on the “Terminator” flicks and “Walking Dead” series, was welcomed to the judges’ panel as their guest critic for the week.  Here’s a look at all of the final makeups:

Nicole Glenn said he has been blown away because she has gotten so much better since she was eliminated earlier in this season.  “I really love this makeup, she is spectacular,” judge Ve Neill said.  “You could put her in front of a camera right now as far as I’m concerned.”  In the end, she was chosen as the winner of the challenge for the second time in a row.

Derek Glenn thought Derek really utilized the junkyard objects extremely well.  Judge Neville Page said he could picture it in a movie — and as a toy.  Gale agreed and said she could visualize his work in one of her movies.  I thought it was really cool — even better than Nicole’s.  But my favorite finished makeup belonged to Roy.

Roy Wow.  His was amazing.  He knew it, too.  “I think I did the best job out there,” he said in confessional.  I agree.  His was definitely the best one out there and I’m entirely disappointed that the judges didn’t select him as the winner.  He has consistently created amazing makeups throughout the competition that puts him in a league way above everybody else.  If he doesn’t win the show, it will be a crime.

Laura Glenn wasn’t very impressed by it.  “It’s not my favorite,” Neville said.  “It feels like it has too many concepts that don’t feel cohesive.”

Sarah Compared to the other makeups, Sarah’s looked relatively boring.  It wasn’t that eye-catching.  “I think that because it’s not fully realized, I don’t think you achieved your objective,” Gale said.  Ve did praise the facial sculpture, but disliked the chest piece.  The judges didn’t really have much of an option because her work was definitely nowhere close to the level as all the others and Sarah was sent packing.  This was an obvious choice.

Only a few episodes remain before the winner is crowned during a special live episode on Halloween night.  Who do you think is most deserving of winning?  Do you agree with the judges from this week’s episode?  Which cyborg creation was your favorite?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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