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Flipping Out Recap: You Can’t Fix Crazy

October 17, 2012 11:33 AM by Lisa Princ

Bravo‘s Flipping Out was back last night with more drama than ever. I mean, just when we thought everyone was free of Jeff’s wrath, he struck again! Which staff member was under attack this week?

Flipping Out returned last night with more craziness than ever. After last week’s dispute with Gage, it seemed that this week Jeff was solely focused on Zoila. It didn’t start off bad though, as Jeff gave Zoila what appeared to be a promotion, telling Lupe that she would have to follow Zoila’s orders, and adding that hopefully she would last long enough to “wipe his butt” as he grew older. You can thank Jeff Lewis for that nasty visual.

Things quickly went downhill though when Zoila seemed to slack off a little bit – or was that Jeff just being his insanely picky self? Yeah, we thought so too. In any event, poor Zoila asked for a night off and was told she could take it, but needed to be in by 6 am the next day, or Gage would be stuck tending to the animals. Really, Jeff? Would it kill you to make a pot of coffee or feed the animals so the poor woman could spend some time with her family?

Oh, yeah, speaking of insanity, we got another dose of Lisa G. this week. After finally get her home completed and decorated, she was able to stay there – for a short time anyway. Her enjoyment of her new home was short lived as she was certain the house was haunted – yes, haunted. Imagine’s Jeff’s surprise to learn this news, after all,  this would ruin his reputation. To ease her mind, Jeff and Jenni decided to spend the night with Lisa while her husband was away, but Jeff decided to take things to another level and scare the girls outside the bedroom window with a Halloween mask. Way to lose a huge client, eh Jeff? Luckily for him, Lisa had a sense of humor.

Back at his house, Jeff was at it again with Zoila. He was livid that he walked by the cat box and noticed it needed to be cleaned. “Jeffrey, you’re crazy,” seemed to be theme of this episode, or at least what we heard every five minutes from his longtime maid. Jeff then decided it was time for an intervention, so he scheduled a meeting for Zoila and himself with a therapist, to fix “Zoila’s issues.”

Too bad the therapist could not fix Jeff’s insanity issues. But she did manage to convince both Jeff and Zoila to work on their relationship, instead of Jeff just firing Zoila, which was his other idea. Hmm, I wonder who will face Jeff’s wrath next week?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Flipping Out? We know you have an opinion, and we want to hear it! Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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