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Ghost Hunters Recap: Dead Boy’s Haunting Spirit

October 17, 2012 07:23 PM by Ryan Haidet

With Halloween right around the corner, it was nice to have an entertaining episode of Ghost Hunters for once.  Some of it was the usual nonsense with the investigators exaggerating their experiences, but it did offer up an overall creepy vibe and one very interesting piece of footage of a full-bodied apparition roaming around.  The investigation swirled around multiple freaky sightings at the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, Illinois.  The main ghost at the location is that of a little boy who died inside the theater after he was hit by a car outside.  Various staff members have claimed to seeing the child’s spirit all throughout the theater.  His presence has become such a commonality that they gave him a name: Kevin.

Freaky Investigation

While Jason and Steve started hearing strange noises, they suddenly noticed a black mass pass by on their video camera.  They were both naturally impressed by the black mass, but I wasn’t whatsoever.  It just looked like the nightvision creating some shadowing.  Nothing ghostly.  Upon his initial review of the footage, Steve made the excuse that the shadow is hard to see because of the video’s pixelation.  That moment wasn’t even included in their final reveal of evidence, which proves it was nothing at all.

As KJ and Britt teamed up to investigate, they both started seeing shadows and strange shapes moving around the balcony.  “Look, there’s something standing right there looking at us,” Britt pointed up.  “Let’s go for it!” he whispered before they both rushed upstairs to chase down the spirit.  When they got up top, there was nothing but an abundance of open space.

Adam, who is the most obnoxious member of the TAPS team for his silly investigation styles, tried to stir up the boy’s spirit by standing on the stage and singing it a lullaby.  It was so incredibly corny that I think the boy’s spirit — if present at all — would have run all the way back to his grave.  Suddenly, Adam claimed to repeatedly see something moving around in the theater.  Ashley, the newest TAPS member, didn’t see anything for a while.  But Adam’s constant conviction that he saw a ghost eventually convinced Ashley that she finally witnessed something coming down the aisle toward them.  Oh, please.  Why was something that intense not captured on film and why was her reaction so lackluster?  If I saw a small ghostly thing moving in my direction as clearly as they claimed to see it, I would freak out like a fat kid in a candy store with wads of cash.  She was very calm as if that kind of thing happens all the time.

Crazy Voices

After they compiled all their evidence, the TAPS team did have several interesting things captured on audio and video.  They had recordings of a child’s laughter and strange voices — and they actually sounded like voices unlike many instances when it sounds just like static.  The one audio segment was very clear that it clearly sounded like a child speaking.  “My name isn’t Kevin,” it said.  Creepy.  Awesome.  The video piece they captured showed a full body moving around the second level of the theater.  It was pretty cool, but definitely not as compelling as the crisp, clear voices.

What are your thoughts on the evidence captured in this episode?  Do you believe any of it is proof of the paranormal?  What did you think of the episode overall?  Do you have any personal paranormal experiences?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of SyFy.

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