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Karina Smirnoff Takes A Spill On Dancing With The Stars

October 17, 2012 05:00 AM by Megan Wilson

Say it ain’t so, man!  If you happened to be watching Dancing With The Stars last night, you undoubtedly saw beautiful Karina Smirnoff take a nosedive on stage.  Karina Smirnoff and her partner, Apolo Anton Ohno were doing an awesome hip hop routine, when she did what looked like a roundhouse kick, slipped, and painfully landed on her forearm and leg.  Some people say she hit her head, but that’s not clear at this point.

Although most people recognize Karina from her moves on “Dancing With the Stars,” Smirnoff is a professionally trained ballroom dancer and 5-time U.S. National Champion. Smirnoff also became the champion professional partner in season 13 of “Dancing With the Stars” when she and her partner won the season.  She is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and the moves they’re doing are definitely NOT easy!

Karina struggled to regain her composure, and essentially finished the routine by tapping into sheer will.  You could tell that she was let down and had a hard time getting back into the swing of the routine, but she hit her moves like a pro.  As soon as Karina and Apolo hit their last pose, Karina succumbed to the embarrassment and covered her face while she shed a few tears-I think everyone felt bad for her.

“I’m sorry, I feel like I messed up the whole routine,” she said through her tears.

“We worked so hard this week,” the beautiful Karina said. “Please please please.”  You could feel the audience and the judges sympathizing her.  It has to be embarrassing to fall on stage in front of an audience and millions of viewers!  Isn’t that a common nightmare?  Falling or doing something embarrassing in front of millions of people?  While I’m sure she’s made a mistake or fallen in front of an audience, I’m sure it’s never something you get used to.

Even though she fell, the judges gave her a 34.5 out of 40.  Let’s hope they scored high enough to keep them in the competition!  We’re behind you, Karina, and hope that you’re not too banged up!

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