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Kate Gosselin’s TLC Earnings Revealed In Controversial New Book

October 17, 2012 11:00 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

It’s been a tough few weeks for Kate Gosselin. The former Kate Plus 8 star has been accused of everything from beating her kids to…beating her pets. Oh, and she was fired from her blogging gig at CouponCabin. Finances might be an issue now, but according to a new tell-all book about the Gosselin family, Kate Gosselin once boasted a six-figure income. We’re guessing that her earnings have diminished quite a bit since then!

Several weeks ago, author Robert Huffman caught fire for accusing Kate Gosselin of beating her kids in his book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World. The newest bombshell from Huffman’s book is less controversial, but still interesting. According to Huffman, the Gosselins earned $697,500 during the 5th season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (which, of course, later became Kate Plus 8). After a modest income of $18,000 during the first season of the show, their earnings quickly sky-rocketed, reaching a high of $1,102,500 after a renegotiation during season 4.

While Huffman provides a very detailed breakdown of Gosselin’s earnings, he once again claims a rather suspect source of information: Kate Gosselin’s own hard drive, pulled from the trash by Huffman himself. This claim has been called into question by Gosselin’s legal team, which ultimately managed to halt sales on the book. Fans of Kate Gosselin also question the  accuracy of the so-called evidence presented in Huffman’s book.

It’s hard to say how accurate Huffman’s income information is, but we’re guessing that Kate Gosselin had no trouble earning six figures during her time on Jon & Kate Plus 8. It should be noted that the reality show has since led to plenty of other streams of income. Gosselin briefly had a spot on Dancing with the Stars as a (rather untalented) contestant. If fellow DWTS contestant Margaret Cho is to be believed, this gig was worth at least $200,000. Then, of course, there’s the paid interviews, the cruise job and the CouponCabin gig. These extra earnings have since diminished greatly — the cruise was canceled due to low turnout and now CouponCabin has fired Kate Gosselin.

Maybe it’s time for the reality queen to get a (gasp) traditional 9-5 job. Oh the horror.

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5 Responses to “Kate Gosselin’s TLC Earnings Revealed In Controversial New Book”

  1. SRV2963 Says:
    October 17th, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    This woman is a total attention wh*re instead of saving her money for her kids she is getting facelifts,boob jobs, does she know that she has no talent except spitting out 8 kids??????

  2. GGW Says:
    October 17th, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    Wanna see how the Jon & Kate+8 kids might turn out? Search GOSSELINS GONE WILD! on the web now.

  3. anon Says:
    October 21st, 2012 at 10:47 am

    What the **** is the matter with people, who criticize Kate? She is trying to raise her children , and all she gets is crap from ****hole ignoramouses.

    Let her alone! she wants to look good, ok, what is wrong with that.
    She could not work a 9-5 job , with all those children.
    Her husband has dumped his kids and self on her for the rest of her life.
    If you are not helping her, then buzz off.

  4. Jon Says:
    October 30th, 2012 at 5:49 am

    Given that Kate the Sl_t will do anything for money, why doesn’t she move to Nevada and take a job in a brothel?

  5. dessertgirl Says:
    March 30th, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    Kate is the source of all of her own problems. She is the one who went to the unscrupulous doctor who helped her with the six at one time. She didn’t give birth. It was a scheduled surgery where they cut a big slit in her belly and yanked them out one by one in less than five minutes. She didn’t lay and huff and puff and suffer like real mothers do in childbirth.

    I don’t understand why Jon didn’t leave her sooner. Kate had the whole scenario timed out. It was obvious that there were problems in their marriage when she orchestrated the purchase of the big house and then announced on tv: “This is mine, all mine.” She planned everything except for the fact that people got tired of her whining and grifting and it is the people and the sponsors who DUMPED HER! Notice that since the advertisers are not giving her free clothes for the kids and herself that they don’t all match anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t go to thrift shops for their clothes now.


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