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Life After Top Chef Recap: Canada, Baseball, Guns And An Italian Mom

October 17, 2012 09:05 PM by Veronica Dudo

How is life after Top Chef? On this week’s episode of the Bravo reality TV series, Life After Top Chef Spike Mendelsohn heads to Canada for some family time, Richard Blais interviews potential employees, Fabio Viviani bonds with his mom and Jen Carroll cooks for the Philadelphia Phillies!

Jen Carroll from Philadelphia competed in Top Chef: Las Vegas Season 6 where she proved she was a tough cookie. She also appeared in Top Chef-All Stars Season 8. Recently, she decided to quit her job with Eric Ripert to open her own restaurant. Unfortunately, during negotiations, Jen’s investors pulled out. Now, she’s trying to find funding for her own restaurant. While Jen is working out the particulars, she has been asked to cook for a benefit the Philadelphia Phillies’ pitcher, Cole Hamels and his wife are hosting for charity. Since she can’t do it alone, Jen calls in friends and family members to help during the event. Meanwhile, the whole night, Cole also helps her in the kitchen. The high profile athlete tells her that he has always had a passion for cooking and it shows! Jen is a huge success and truly knocks it out of the park. Many guests tell her they will be on the lookout for her new restaurant. Later, Jen goes with her Dad to the track to race mini cars.

Spike Mendelsohn was born into the restaurant business and he works with his passionately opinionated family. Currently, he’s working with his family on their popular restaurant-chain, Good Stuff Eatery in Washington D.C. Spike works with his mother, father and sister! He first competed on Top Chef: Chicago Season 4 where he was sent home right before the finale and returned to compete on Top Chef All-Stars Season 8. Spike fears his nosy parents will interfere with his new concept, a steak and French fries bistro with a cozy feel. This week, Spike travels to Canada for a family wedding. While in Montreal the Mendelsohn’s meet with their restaurant designer to go over concepts for their new bistro. Spike also gets the chance to spend some quality time with his family in Canada.

Fabio Viviani was born and raised in Florence, Italy and was the “fan favorite” from Top Chef: New York Season 5. He also competed on Top Chef All-Stars Season 8 and was the personal Chef to William Shatner. Currently, he is expanding his own brand with cooking classes, endorsement deals and social media. Fabio’s mother comes to visit and encourages her son to relax. Together they spend some time at a spa and then enjoy a home cooked meal with friends. Between emails, text messages, social media notifications and phone calls Fabio could spend all day and night on his cell phone and makes a concentrated effort to limit his use. During dinner, his mom says that she is worried about him. Fabio’s life coach has a talk with him and Fabio says he has bills to pay and has to keep up this pace but will try to budget his schedule better so he has some down time.

Richard Blais from Atlanta is beginning construction on a new restaurant. He was a finalist on Top Chef: Chicago Season 4 and won Top Chef All-Stars Season 8. He’s trying to balance his personal and professional lives but is really feeling the pressure. He¬†begins to interview potential chefs for The Spence. One of the candidates is a former co-worker of his whom he says freaked out on him. Later, he takes his wife target shooting¬†as her birthday wish. The couple spends that day at the gun range.

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Who is your favorite chef: Richard Blais, Spike Mendelsohn, Fabio Viviani or Jen Carroll? Leave a comment below!

Photo Credit: Bravo

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One Response to “Life After Top Chef Recap: Canada, Baseball, Guns And An Italian Mom”

  1. EP Sato Says:
    October 18th, 2012 at 6:54 am

    I’ve been enjoying Spike and Fabio’s segments the most. Spike’s got a great “surrounding cast.” His mother’s really funny, his friend Brad is a solid sidekick, and Spike’s clearly not taking any of this too seriously.

    Fabio’s just all around a fun guy. His stress shows, but you can see that he’s a good hearted person. Funny how the show’s been more about the personalities than the food.

    On that, Carole’s life is too depressing. Someone please invest in this woman’s restaurant so she’ll have something else to talk about! As for Blais? Yawn. He’s arrogant to the point that it’s boring on the chef side, and dreadfully inept when it comes to keeping his wife happy. That backpack gift elicited groans in my house. It did give my wife and a good few laughs as I promised to buy her one of those backpacks for her next birthday.


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