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Why Did Kate Gosselin REALLY Get Fired From Coupon Cabin?

October 17, 2012 10:07 AM by Megan Wilson

While most of this is just conjecture, we don’t think it’s taking too big a leap of faith to say that Kate Gosselin‘s recent termination from Coupon Cabin was well deserved.  While it surprised many people, if you do a little homework, you can see that Coupon Cabin had a pretty easy decision to make in letting the Dancing With The Stars veteran go, and her departure probably didn’t take anyone by surprise.

See, being a blogger is a hard job.  You have to post often, post well, and post information that readers WANT to see-even if you’re Kate Gosselin.  Good bloggers are able to come up with interesting content (That they themselves would want to read!) and eye catching pictures on a regular basis, and they also interact with their readers.  Many times the majorly successful bloggers have underlings that do much of the social interaction for them.  This frees up the bloggers to do what they do best: write.  Kate entered into a contract with them, it seems, probably for the term of a year. We’re observing, by the announcements, that the contract began on Nov 22, 2011.

If you take a look at the Coupon Cabin website, and navigate to the Kate Gosselin area of the blog, you’ll see posts, once weekly, with ONE picture per post; many times these pictures are just off of a Google image search.  Quite a few of her posts are self-promotion of her TV shows or her activities.  Also, most of her posts don’t really feature interesting information…after reading the blog for about ten minutes I was ready to nod off.  The comments were much more interesting to read than the blog posts!

I believe she thought that her star status would just carry her blogging career, and that she’d just be able to post light fodder once a week and get millions of fans, comments, etc.  That doesn’t work for ANY writer, famous or not.

Hopefully Kate has something different in the cards, as blogging is definitely not something she should attempt in the future.  Coupon Cabin probably knew this partnership was a dud a month in, and was just waiting until they could have her finish out her contract and bow out gracefully. Kate has maintained a pretty positive attitude about it, and hasn’t said anything specific regarding the termination.

What do you think got her fired?  Have you read her blog?

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