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Survivor: Philippines — Dana Lambert Explains Her Sickness & Stands By Her Decision To Leave The Game

October 19, 2012 02:45 PM by Ryan Haidet

Stuck with a difficult decision on Survivor: Philippines, Dana Lambert voluntarily removed herself from the game as a result of her constant sickness.  In an interview with reporters, Dana reveals a bit more about that moment, stands by her decision to drop out of the competition and reveals her feelings about Jonathan Penner.

Question: How hard was it to choose to leave the game?

Dana Lambert: It was the decision that I had been debating in my head for a while.  I was sick from like the beginning, so it wasn’t just like that night I just got sick.  I had been sick for the whole 12 days that I was there.  I was completely out of it.  It was a tough decision and I know the doctors said I had 12 more hours, but to me, that was it for me.  I was spoken for.

Question: What did Jonathan Penner say to you regarding advice on leaving the game?

Dana Lambert: Penner would tell us stories, and of course he told us the story about his medevac.  At that point in my game, I knew I was sick but I didn’t never think that it was gonna come to that.  Penner was a rock out there for me at the end.  I have to give him mad props for that.  He was definitely sweet. …

Question: When medical was called in, what was your mindset at that moment?  Were you hoping the medics would pull you from the game?

Dana Lambert: My mindset at that point was somebody please get me some medical attention and get me something to make me quit crappin’ my brains out and throwing up.  It wasn’t just that day that everyone seen, it was ongoing from the whole period that I was there.  The whole 12 days I was fighting it.  I’d hide it as best as I could.  Dawson was a bit of a caretaker and Penner would pull me to the side and ask me how I was doing.  I fought it for that long and I knew another 12 hours at that point wasn’t going to save me.  I was pretty mentally and physically out of it.  So, I mean, I have to stand behind that decision.  For sure.

Question: Any regrets about leaving?

Dana Lambert: Yeah.  I mean, there’s always regrets of what could’ve been.  I feel bad for Dawson and Katie, too, because I feel like I let them down as well.  And I did.  But I do have to stand behind that decision because, at that point, I really didn’t feel like I had another second.  I was pretty mentally and physically done.  There’s plenty of regrets, but you know, that’s the game.  Everyone can’t win the million, I guess.

Question: We didn’t really get an in-depth assessment of what was wrong with you other than your “tummy” was irritated.  What exactly was making you so sick?

Dana Lambert: I was sick when the game started.  I was sick throughout the whole game.  The whole time.  12 days straight.  Lots of puking.  Lots of running to the bathroom back and forth.  It was pretty much downhill.  Nothing would stay in and nothing would stay down.  So, basically I left for dehydration and spent about four days in the hospital.  They got me back to well.

Question: It did seem like you had a bond with Penner, but why was there no attempt to form a bond with him.  Is that something we didn’t see?

Dana Lambert: That’s kinda something you guys didn’t see.  When we first got on the island, he tried to make an alliance with me in like the first 10 minutes.  Of course, I shook his hand and said yes.  Penner is an outstanding person, but I wasn’t going to be in his alliance just for the fact that I’ve seen him a couple seasons before and I knew how he played the game.  I knew everybody else was gonna put a target on his back because he had played the game twice before.  As a person, Jonathan is an outstanding guy.  Like, I love the guy to death.  And Dawson was the same way.  They were both pretty good caretakers.  Dawson did a lot of head rubbing and patting and back patting and Penner was the same way.  They were really sweet.

Question: How did you get on the show?

Dana Lambert: I went to CBS and put an application in and sent a video in.  I was pretty sure I didn’t make it and a couple months later I got a call and they invited me to the interviews.  I guess I talked my way into it.

What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised Dana voluntarily pulled herself out of the game? Are you surprised Kalabaw voted Dawson out? Who do you think is currently in the best position to win the $1 million grand prize? Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photo Credit: CBS

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  1. PJ Says:
    October 20th, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    couldn’t help but notice the running mascara on one of the ladies on the team during the incident when Dana was being taken out. What gives? Hmmm. what other types of “amenities” are the survivor folks being given now? Quite a change from the intial broadcasts.


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