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Lindsay Lohan’s 6th Intervention Ends With 911 Call

October 20, 2012 11:00 AM by Megan Wilson

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly fallen off the wagon…again. We’d all suspected something was up after reports of altercations with her parents and deleted pictures at parties, but until now the Lohan camp has remained tight-lipped about any misdeeds on the part of the punk’d host.

Reports are emerging now that Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, along with the entire Lohan team, were aware that Lindsay had fallen off the wagon.  Lohan is no stranger to rehab-in fact, she’s been there five times since 2007.  Sensing the need for another rehab trip, Michael staged an intervention, which went terribly wrong.  Reports are saying that Michael attempted an intervention with Lindsay at a Beverly Hills home on Friday in an attempt to get her into rehab.  We can surmise that the intervention didn’t go well, because the police were called by someone inside the residence saying he was the actress’ boyfriend, who claimed that Michael and those with him were trespassing, according to TMZ.

One big factor in the decision was Lindsay’s suspicious absence on Wednesday from the set of “The Canyons” to do voice-over work.  The movie’s writer, Bret Easton Ellis, tweeted that he had sent over his fictional serial killer, “American Psycho’s” Patrick Bateman, to the Chateau Marmont “to confront her as to why she missed her f***ing ADR [Automatic Dialog Replacement] on The Canyons today…”

It’s been only two years since Lindsay last checked into rehab. In September 2010, she checked into the Betty Ford Clinic after she tested positive for cocaine (while still on probation) just a few weeks after being released from another rehab facility. While in the treatment center, Lindsay was accused by an employee of physical assault after the woman, Dawn Holland, caught Lindsay and another patient drunk – and supposedly Lindsay attacked her. The case was then dropped by prosecutors, and Holland sued the Lindsay. This past May, the two settled out of court.

Will Lindsey be off to rehab again?  Do you think this time will work?

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2 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s 6th Intervention Ends With 911 Call”

  1. Legallydivine Says:
    February 2nd, 2013 at 11:51 am

    I know it must be such fun for ppl to sit and criticize and destroy ppls very lives with their superior attitudes and lack of human compassion but we need to wake up as a society folks.

    If we do not find human decency and kindness within ourselves we are a lost cause.

    Instead of thriving of Ms. Lohan’s repeated self destruction we should be praying for her salvation. We should be rooting for her to get clean and to finally accepting herself(flaws and all[minor ones])and being happy with who she is as a person.

    My heart goes out to her and the many starlets (male and female) that get caught up in the game and lose who they are trying to please everybody.

    Ms. Lindsay Lohan if you by chance read this please know there is hope and you will succeed in getting victory over the issues in your life. People have failed you, as they will, but there is one who will NEVER fail you. Jesus is his name..freedom is His game…

    I will be praying for you lovely lady..and May God Bless all who read this. I hope it imparts a sensitivity to those who may be going through things that there is hope.

  2. Aveles Says:
    February 6th, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    Oh no! This bimbo is broken beyond repair! Where in the world are they ever going to find another mediocre-talented, obnoxiously arrogant, yet completely worthless bleached-blonde crank-socket to replace her with?

    Wonder what Taylor Swift is up to?


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