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Breaking Amish Recap: So Many Secrets!

October 21, 2012 11:05 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on TLCs Breaking Amish, Sabrina accused Kate of drugging her, as well as harassing her in the middle of the night. Jeremiah stirred the pot and encouraged Sabrina to move Kate’s stuff into the boys’ room, which resulted in Kate having an emotional breakdown.

Picking up right where we left off, Kate, still hyperventilating, tells the Kate Cam that she feels like puking. She stresses about how Jeremiah and Sabrina make her sound like a mad woman who isn’t safe to be around. Kate says, “I hope I’m not crazy.”

TLC update: no camera footage was found to support Sabrina’s claims.

Abe and Rebecca reach out to Kate.  They feel as if Jeremiah and Sabrina used Kate’s tendency to act crazy as an excuse to move in together. Abe very seriously says, “Not any human being in the United States deserves that.” Together, the three of them realize that Sabrina and Jeremiah have been hanging out together in the middle of the night.

Rebecca and Kate plan to confront Jeremiah and Sabrina. Abe is like, ah, crap! You see, Abe and Jeremiah have been sharing quite a few secrets when the cameras were not rolling. Abe pulls Jeremiah aside, to make sure they’re cool before the big confrontation happens. Jeremiah lets it be known – you keep my secret, I keep your secret.

Except to the millions of viewers watching, of course. Abe tells us, “The truth is, Jeremiah did tell me that they [Jeremiah and Sabrina] did do it.” Jeremiah enlightens us with, “They [Abe and Rebecca] have known each other for a while.”

Rebecca is not happy to hear about Jeremiah’s ultimatum. She explains, “Abe and I used to sneak out, dress English, and go bowling. I will scratch Jeremiah’s eyes out before I let him blackmail me.”

So, anyway, back to Sabrina and Kate… Kate is most upset about Sabrina’s drug claims. Sabrina blames that part on Jeremiah. Kate maintains that she did not put anything in Sabrina’s drink. Sabrina maintains she’s not a witch. Fair enough.

Moving on, Kate returns to the modeling agency to learn their thoughts on her photo shoot. The owner repeats “glamorous” a few times and decides to give Kate a 30-day trial. Meanwhile, Sabrina travels to meet her biological father and grandmother. She wears three tons of blue eye shadow for the occasion. An overwhelmed Sabrina shares, “Meeting my dad was more emotionally challenging than I ever expected it to be.” After finding pictures of herself all over her father’s apartment, Sabrina is upset to find out her adoptive family has been in contact with her biological family all these years. Sabrina says, “It would have been easier on me if I had known. I was kept in the dark, and now I have even more questions.”

Abe and Rebecca go to the beach. Finally! Going to the beach was the number one thing Abe wanted to do outside of his Amish life. While they’re there, Abe plans to ask Rebecca to marry him. Abe and Rebecca play in the water and sand. Later in the day, Abe manages to slip away and spells out (with a little help from the camera crew), “Rebecca, will u marry me?” in the sand. Rebecca says yes!

Abe dresses Amish and goes home to tell his mom the great news. Abe walks into his family home and his mother says, “Oh, hi.” That’s it. No hugs. No sighs of relief. Just, “Oh, hi. You made it back.” Abe tells his mom that he proposed to Rebecca. Abe’s mom is like, you do realize Rebecca married an Amish man, don’t you? Hmm, Abe does not know this. Abe’s mom reminds him, “If you go with Rebecca, you can’t be Amish or be with us.”

A torn up Abe says, “I don’t know what to do. It’s upsetting to find out that the woman you proposed to is married.” I can see how that would be a bummer! Now what? For starters, Abe talks to Rebecca. Rebecca admits she was married but insists she wasn’t trying to fool Abe, she just doesn’t “talk about it.”

Abe explains, “I have to make a decision between getting married or being Amish. I need a couple days to think it over.”

Well, color me confused, but the cast has a full kitchen and cooks a meal! Well, the women cook, and Abe pulls Jeremiah aside to talk about Rebecca’s past. Jeremiah says, “Oh, hell no! Out of love and respect, she should have told you a long time ago.”

It’s decision time… the group talks about the future. Sabrina explains, being Mennonite doesn’t make this any easier. Considering the harassment and judgement she’s going to face, she believes staying Mennonite is the safer option. Kate is scared of being alone. Rebecca is glad she left home. Abe values his community’s support system and worries about getting a good-paying job (outside of the Amish) with no education.

Kate concludes, “I’m not going to miss Jeremiah, I’m not going to lie.” Agreed!

Next week on Breaking Amish, the cast returns to their Amish and Mennonite communities. Kate’s old friends run from her, Rebecca comes home to an empty house, and Abe eats dinner at an itty bitty desk in the corner.

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Photo Credit: TLC

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3 Responses to “Breaking Amish Recap: So Many Secrets!”

  1. Brenda Says:
    May 12th, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Is this program supposed to be for real ?? C`mon, where did these Amish kids get money to stay in hotels and eat in NYC. Who`s footing the bills while they lounge around in nice digs squabbling over ridiculous events. Whoever dreamed this program up must be on crack.

  2. Dee Says:
    May 14th, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Jeremiah grew up here in Ohio. He was Amish, but I will say that this is not his first time being “english.” Most of these kids have had experience. Amish are not innocent. Some have big parties and do more than others.
    As far as it being real, they will do anything for TV.
    Most Amish just want to be left alone and are content that way.
    Seriously, send some of that money this way :)

  3. guido Says:
    May 16th, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    You find yourself feeling sorry for one character or other. Then, you remember that this is like reading a book – it’s an illusion. You just slap yourself on the forehead and chuckle.


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