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The Amazing Race Recap: Rats And Roadblocks

October 21, 2012 09:53 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

So far on this season of The Amazing Race, we’ve watched contestants tackle ping pong prodigies, balloon animals, fish guts and much more. Now, the most diverse group of contestants yet heads to Bangladesh to repair buses and collect rats. Sounds like fun!

The contestants arrive at a bus repair stop and are immediately confronted with the possibility of either a Roadblock or a Fast Forward. The appeal of the Fast Forward is that it has the potential to allow the teams to get past any additional challenges and head directly to the next Pit Stop. However, it comes with plenty of risks, which is why the majority of the teams choose to stick with the Roadblock. This is no easy challenge, seeing as the contestants have to do a detailed repair of the bus. Included on the bus repair checklist are sanding, repainting and the delivery of bus seats. Fun times!

It is kinda nice to see the contestants working on a task that will in some way serve humanity (as opposed to the usual random crap). Bus transport is huge in Bangladesh, with over 15,000 buses battling insane traffic every day. But the fact that this is a good deed doesn’t make it much easier for most of the contestants. Rob and Kelley are pretty confident, having been monster truckers, but James struggles to even open a paint can. Then again, James and Jaymes have never been known for their intellectual abilities.

A grand total of one team is brave enough to skip the Roackblock and tackle the Fast Forward challenge. We can see why the others decided to stick with bus repair: Fast Forward team members James and Abba have to pick up dead rats from various locations, all of which are disgusting and smelly and make me feel sick just by looking at them. I’ll take bus repair over rat retrieval any day!

After finishing their bus detailing, the Roadblock teams get to choose between two exciting detours. The first involves beating iron rods into spikes with the help of sledgehammers. The second challenge? Making a mattress…Bengali style. And that is no easy task.

I’m rethinking my disdain for dead rat collection, because it obviously paid off for James and Abba. They’re in first place and they’ve won a trip to Antigua! Mattress makers Abbie and Ryan narrowly beat surprisingly buff sledgehammer pounders Natalie and Nadiya for second place. The other teams struggle to pound their metal and cotton — especially Gary and Will. Just when we think that they’ll finally be leaving the competition, Trey and Lexie start having taxi issues. Seriously, I’m not going to be happy if another bad driver keeps Gary and Will in the race. Yes, they’re likeable guys, but they are constantly making mistakes and clearly deserved to be out of the running a long time ago. Fortunately Trey and Lexie are just barely able to make the cut. This means that, at least three weeks after we thought they’d be out for sure, incompetent (but amusing) substitute teachers Gary and Will are out of the competition!

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