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Survivor: Philippines — Sarah Dawson Says She Has A Crush On Jeff Probst

October 23, 2012 08:00 AM by Ryan Haidet

Although her torch had just been snuffed out, Sarah Dawson didn’t seem to care too much.  She was spending her last moments on Survivor: Philippines by staring deeply into Jeff Probst’s eyes before giving him a kiss on the cheek.  In an exit interview with reporters, she talked more about her love for Probst by calling it a crush, explained how she stroked his hair in the interview process and explained that she actually did tell Jeff Kent that she knew all about his baseball past.  This is a great, hilariously entertaining interview.  Dive in and enjoy!

Question: What will you remember most about being on the show?

Sarah Dawson: Kissing Jeff Probst on my way out the door.  Oh, my God!  It was surreal.  I’m the first person in history to kiss him on the way out.  It was so surreal.  When I had that look on my face I was debating lips, cheek, lips, cheek.  I was just trying to figure out how to do it.  Then I aimed for the corner of his mouth since he’s married (laughs).  Keepin’ it classy.

Question: What is your fascination with Probst?

Sarah Dawson: (Laughs) I’ve been watching Survivor for years and they’ve gone through 300+ different contestants and the one thing that’s been constant is this gorgeous, dimpled man who appears in my TV every Wednesday night.  We all have our kid crushes.  I think he started as my kid crush and I just never grew out of him, just like I’ve never grown out of the show.  Seeing him in person explaining to me how to do a challenge and then say, “Survivors, ready,” oh my gosh, it was just the top of the world to me.  Having my torch snuffed really really sucked, but the best thing about it is when you get to walk right up in front of Jeff Kent — Oh, I mean Jeff Probst.  Oooo, bad slip.  You get to stand right in front of him.  So, yeah, I took my shot, and I’m so glad that I did.

Question: Probst knew going into the game how much you liked him though, right?

Sarah Dawson: Oh yeah.  He knew when I applied for the show.  In the last interview, I grabbed his face — he said I could give him a hug — pulled it into my chest and I just started stroking his hair and saying the Lord’s Prayer.  It was the most awkward moment you have ever seen.  But I meant all of it.  I was just so excited.  So, yeah.  He knows.  He knows what’s up.

Question: What can we expect from you and Probst at the live reunion show on finale night?

Sarah Dawson: If he doesn’t swoop me up into his arms, or at least, like, wave at me, I am just going to be so heartbroken.  I just love this show.  You have no idea how much that embrace meant to me.  Getting voted out, but then wrapping my arms around him really really helped.  If he’s down to hugging me at the finale, oh my gosh!  I’d do anything.

Question: Did you think about outing Jeff Kent’s baseball past before heading to Tribal Council?

Sarah Dawson: I’m not a malicious person, I do things in the game that are going to advance me.  That wasn’t gonna advance me in the game.  But I did actually want to watch him play this season without anyone knowing he’s a millionaire and have him lose anyway.  If he wants to come out here and play like a normal person, he can, but I watched his social game and I knew he wasn’t gonna go very far, so why bother outing him?  Let him lose as a normal person and we’ll see if that happens. …  I don’t care about Jeff Kent.  Yeah, he used to swing a bat, but now he can’t even swing an ax.  Did you see him in that challenge? …

Question: Do you think that had you told Jeff you knew he was a baseball star that it may have given you more of an advantage?

Sarah Dawson: Actually, I did confront him with it.  It just didn’t show on the air.  He just didn’t want to play with us (the women).  He wanted to play with men.

Question: Were you blindsided?

Sarah Dawson: No, I was not.  I knew they were gonna vote for me.  I think I was just overwhelmed by everything that had happened over the past two days.  The merge (Matsing dissolving), two challenges, Dana leaving, everything.  Everything all culminated at once.

Question: Do you think you were targeted because of how you performed in that challenge?

Sarah Dawson: No, I did great in the challenge.  Actually, at the end, the reason we lost is because Penner spelled the last word wrong.  So he’s cheering and jumping by himself and I look at the puzzle and “another” was spelled wrong.  That’s when you saw me push him out of the way and rearrange the letters so that it would be spelled correctly.  That’s when they (Tandang) won.  Had he spelled that word correctly, we would not have gone to Tribal Council.

Question: Did you have any knowledge that Jonathan Penner had found the hidden Immunity Idol?

Sarah Dawson: Everyone knew.  I knew it first.  I went through his bag and found it in his bag and then ran to my alliance and told my alliance that he had it.

Question: Did you recognize Lisa Whelchel?

Sarah Dawson: I knew she was an actress because she was wearing fake eyelashes and her poise.  The way she would speak at the challenges and the way she carried herself, I knew that she had some experience acting.  Her delivery, her poise, everything was just so perfected.  So yeah, I knew she was up there somewhere.  I don’t know what “Facts of Life” is, but I knew she was some type of actress.

Question: Did you use Dawson as your last name in the same sense that Cochran did a few seasons ago?

Sarah Dawson: I don’t know why people keep asking me that.  A lot of people go by last names.  My best friend and I had the same name growing up, so we used each other’s last names and it just stuck.

What do you think of what Dawson had to say?  Are you sad she was voted out of the game so early in the season?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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