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Ghost Hunters Recap: Haunted Shoe Factory Filled With Ghostly Footsteps… Appropriate, Right?

October 24, 2012 08:21 PM by Ryan Haidet

A shuttered shoe factory that has been transformed into a restaurant was the focus of the first freaky investigation on Ghost Hunters.  The Topstone Mill in Claremont, New Hampshire has been filled with a variety of paranormal claims from the restaurant’s employees who have heard footsteps and seen shadows, among other creepy things.  I find it hilarious that footsteps are heard in a former shoe factory.  How appropriate, right?

As Jason and Steve joined forces to investigate the fourth floor together, they started hearing voices.  Although the spiritual chatter didn’t carry across TV whatsoever, the duo determined there was some type of conversation happening.  Ugh.  Moments later, Jason claimed he saw something flash and illuminate the room very briefly.  That illumination was never mentioned again — not even in the big reveal at the end of the investigation.

Meanwhile, Ashley (the team’s newest investigator) and Britt captured a voice on their audio recorder before witnessing a shadow whiz past them.  Again, this so-called entity wasn’t captured on film, but Britt believed he saw something strange before questioning said spirit about it hiding from them.

Later on, Jason teamed up with Amy as they sat quietly and conducted an EVP session.  They kept claiming to hear voices — again, none of which seemed to play on my TV — before spotting a shadowy figure moving in the background.  That shadow also went unseen by all of the cameras.

After numerous exaggerated reactions, a cool moment finally arrived when the teams heard a loud, deep growl.  “Was that you?” Adam asked the spirit idiotically.  “Are you down there?”  I swear, Adam is way too silly to be taken seriously.  Although he did have one commendable moment earlier this season, it seems like all he does freak out every time somebody’s shoe scuffs the floor.  Upon further investigation of the sound, the team tried to recreate the sound by pushing a wooden pallet across the ground.  Ultimately, they weren’t able to determine what was going on.

When they revealed the evidence, the most compelling piece of audio was the low, guttural sound they captured on the fourth floor.  The restaurant owners gasped when they heard the audio and said it’s the voice they’ve heard themselves.

Second Investigation

The second half of the episode took the TAPS team to Tinker Cottage in Rockford, Illinois.  The current owner of the property was hoping that TAPS could determine if the paranormal activity was tied to the Tinker family — many of whom died there.  Some of the strange occurrences include a rocking chair that moves on its own, a female scream oozing from the basement and a shadowy figure that lurks around.

Not only was this location cool, but it also delivered some very freaky moments.  As Jason and Steve walked around the lower level calling out to Mr. and Mrs. Tinker, they heard a nearby door unlatch and open by itself.  It definitely caught their attention.  That was just one of several unexplained sounds they heard and were able to capture.  At one point, the rocking chair started moving very slightly by itself.  Britt may have accidentally nudged it, but it was still a fun incident whether it was paranormal or paraBritt.

The strangest moment came when a wet substance splattered the back of Steve’s leg.  “I don’t believe in ectoplasm,” Steve hilariously said as Jason took a closer look at the back of his ankle.  “Never had something like this happen before,” he later added.  Wait, was one of the Tinker family members actually Slimer?

During the big reveal, the best piece of evidence was footage of the rocking chair moving on its own.  It definitely didn’t appear that Britt bumped into the chair, but it was totally moving for no reason.


What are your thoughts on this episode?  Do you believe any of the evidence TAPS captured is proof of the paranormal?  Do you have any strange paranormal experiences yourself?  Sound off and leave a comment below.

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Photos courtesy of SyFy.

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