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The Real Housewives Of Miami Recap: Joanna Gone Wild

October 25, 2012 07:27 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Miami is all new tonight on Bravo.  It’s all about raising money for a charity, or who can host the bigger partyLea has her annual gala, but Lisa is spicing it up with her lingerie party. 

It’s another hard day for Lisa and her only friend  housekeeper, Daysey, as they pick out lingerie for Lisa to wear at her charity event.  Lisa prances around in front of Daysey until they pick a winner. The event is to raise money for breast cancer, so Lisa feels her lingerie theme is very appropriate.   Lisa is desperate to show Lea that she can hold her own when it comes to hosting a charity event.

“It’s going to be the party of the year,” Lea brags about her famous gala.  Lea is rushing to get all the last minute details done, so her friends stop by to help.  But Adriana can’t stop talking about Karent and how much she dislikes her.  It seems Karent made a comment to a reporter that the other housewives were “classless fame addicts with botox for brains.”  The ladies aren’t pleased that Karent isn’t kissing their butt because she is the new girl.  Lea is adamant about not wanting any drama at the gala.  I guess it’s not the Posche fashion show.

Marysol stops by Alexia’s house for a mid-day chat and sangria.  The two immediately start talking about the outcast, Karent. “She doesn’t know her place,” Alexia tells Marysol.  Both the ladies found the article Karent did extremely offensive and think she is a fake wannabe.

The model is getting all glammed up for her PETA photo shoot, with a special hair accessory.  Joanna is adding fur to her bikini line to show that “fur” isn’t glamorous.  As Joanna is getting ready, she chats with Marta about how she is working on her relationship with Romain.  Joanna thinks that all her relationship problems are making them stronger. Really?  Let’s see how long this relationship lasts.

Lisa is stressing out over her lingerie party. “It’s a typically a younger, sexier crowd,” Lisa brags about her charity event. Maybe that’s because older, fat people don’t want to wear lingerie in public?

Karent and Joanna go dress shopping for Lisa’s gala event.  While trying on dresses, Joanna tells Karent what all the ladies are saying about her.  “My friends are my real friends,” Karent tells Joanna.  As for the article, Karent says that she didn’t say any of those things that were published.

Lisa’s mansion is all lit up for the lingerie party, but she isn’t confident that everything is ready.  Everyone is showing up and looking sexy in lingerie.  Even Lea shows up with Joe Francis as her guest, yes the guy from the Girls Gone Wild videos.  “The guy is a scum bag,” Joanna tells Karent about Joe.  The real gossip comes out when Joe shares with Marysol and Karent that he dated and slept with both Joanna and Marta!  Karent has no problem dragging Joe right over to Joanna and telling her what he said. Joanna denies ever sleeping with him, but maybe that’s because Romain is standing next to her.

“You should go back to jail where you came from,” Joanna screams at Joe.  Lea tries to defuse the situation, but Joanna just won’t let it go.  Why is Joanna getting so upset if it’s not true?  Marta is just laughing about the whole situation and says she doesn’t want to talk about it.

The episode ends just when the party starts to get interesting!  What did you think of tonight’s RHOM episode?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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  1. Aswillia1 Says:
    October 27th, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Interesting: “In February 2012, Clark County, Nevada judge Mark Denton awarded Steve Wynn $7.5 million in damages for defamatory statements made by Francis. [1]”

    “In September 2012, a jury awarded Steve Wynn $20 million from Francis for slander.[2] It also awarded $20 million in punitive damages.[3]”

    1) Francis Mccabe (22 February 2012). “”Wynn awarded $7.5 million in case against soft-porn king”". Las Vegas Review Journal. Retrieved 21 October 2012

    2)”"‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder Joe Francis loses in $20 million slander case”. Entertainment Today. 10 September 2012. Retrieved 21 October 2012.

    3)”"Anthony McCartney (11 September 2012). “”‘Jury adds another $20 million in damages against ‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder Joe Francis”. Entertainment Today. Retrieved 21 October 2012″”


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