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Kitchen Nightmares Premiere Recap: The Sisters Of La Galleria

October 26, 2012 11:29 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Gordon Ramsay Masterchef

Following a delay, Kitchen Nightmares is finally back for another season! The season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares will be divided into two parts, both of which take place at Boston’s La Galleria 33, a failing restaurant in desperate need of help. Chef Gordon Ramsay will attempt to inject some of his restaurant know-how in order to bring La Galleria 33 up to scratch. It’s a tough prospect, but Ramsay’s succeeded with worse!

Everyone likes to claim that they work at a family restaurant, but for sisters Rita and Lisa, this claim actually rings true. The two are the proprietors of La Galleria 33, a restaurant that requires some major changes if it is to survive. Currently, the biggest problem facing Lisa and Rita’s restaurant business is a heavy debt load the grows by the minute. These two don’t appear to be all that financially savvy though, so the fact they’re struggling with debt should come as no big surprise.

Another thing that fails to surprise me: Lisa and Rita’s horrendous attitudes. Of course, this has become a staple on Kitchen Nightmares, so what’s a lot more shocking is when restaurant owners and workers are likable. The show wouldn’t be any fun if its subjects didn’t bicker with Chef Ramsay! What’s worse though, is the fact that this pair of sisters is incredibly rude to the rest of La Galleria 33′s staff. They blame the restaurant’s current problems on these staff members, when its clear that the majority of the issues derive from the sisters, not the dishwashers.

La Galleria 33 is just one of many similar restaurants in the area. Its focus, like its competitors, is on Italian cuisine. Seeing as there are so many local Italian joints, you’d think Lisa and Rita would work extra hard to distinguish themselves. But as Chef Ramsay quickly discovers, the food is very bland. Like, dumping Prego over some overcooked noodles bland. It’s also probably diseased. In a moment that makes me doubt whether attending hole-in-the-wall restaurants is such a good idea, one of the chefs drops a chicken on the rather dirty floor, picks it up and tosses it in the frying pan. Mmm, food poisoning.

Most of the changes coming up in the premiere of Kitchen Nightmares will be taking place during part two next week. A kitchen makeover will occur, which is good news — the restaurant is currently not looking so hot. Also, Chef Ramsey wants the sisters to confront their employees about ongoing problems, but in a respectful manners. Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen. Stay tuned for more drama next week!

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