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The Amazing Race Recap: Bad News Motivates James And Abba

October 28, 2012 09:40 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Things are getting down to the wire on The Amazing Race! As the slowpokes and slow-witted are weeded out (with the possible exception of the not-so-bright Chippendales James and Jaymes), the race gets more and more competitive. Will the remaining contestants crack under pressure?

Tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race starts off on a somber note: James (of James and Abba, not James and Jaymes) receives a call from home and learns that his father has cancer. And chances of recovery are slim. James thinks that this news will give him even more determination to win, but we’re wondering if it could stand in his (and Abba’s) way. It would be pretty tough to focus on winning the race with such bad news on your mind. Poor guy.

The good news for James and Abba is that the team begin in the lead and remain out front after the first Roadblock. This is definitely not the most difficult or the most entertaining Roadblock challenge we’ve seen on the show; it involves building a scale with ropes and sticks and then balancing half wood and half stones on that scale.

Once the teams complete the Roadblock they two options from which to choose: Straw Dog or Bamboo Jungle. Straw Dog requires the creation of eco-friendly bags, while Bamboo Jungle involves the collection and delivery of 40 bamboo poles. Pretty much everyone overestimates their strength and chooses Bamboo Jungle, but Abbie and Ryan, being the rebels they are, decide to try out the Straw Dogs option. It ends up being an excellent decision for Abbie and Ryan, as almost all of the other teams struggle with the Bamboo Jungle challenge. Delivering bamboo isn’t as easy as it might seem, especially when you’re dealing with oppressive heat!

It’s fun to watch Chippendales Jaymes and James complete the Bamboo Jungle challenge, mostly because the two are so unbelievably oblivious. They go their merry way with the bamboo, confident that their muscles will allow them to pull ahead. But by remaining firmly planted in la-la land, the Chippendales also manage to drop a ton of bamboo. The expression on their faces when they learn how much they’ve left behind is priceless.

The determination of James and Abba to win in honor of James’ dad ultimately pays off, with the two coming in first place once again. They win a trip to Malaysia! Abbie and Ryan come in next, and, as usual, Natalie and Nadiya are not far behind. Josh and Brent fell behind way back at the Roadblock and never were able to catch up. Normally, this last place finish would result in an elimination, but Josh and Brent are in luck — there’s no elimination in this leg of the race!

Will James and Abba maintain their lead? And can Josh and Brent step it up? Find out during next week’s episode of The Amazing Race!

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