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The Real Housewives Of Miami Recap: Lingerie Throwdown

October 28, 2012 08:20 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Miami is all new tonight on Bravo. Finally the heat gets turned up in Miami, when Adriana punches Joanna in the face. What’s a lingerie party without a girl fight?

The episode picks up again at Lisa’s lingerie charity party. “You slept with Joe?” Joanna asks her sister.  Like a blushing school girl, Marta admits that she did sleep with Joe Francis.  Oops! Even though Marta spilled the beans, Joanna is sticking to her story that  her and Joe have no history together.

At this point, Joanna has had way too many cocktails and is ready to make a scene.  Now that she was wrong about Joe Francis sleeping with her sister, she wants to pick a fight with Marysol.  Why?  Because Marysol walked into the party wearing…fur! “They will burn in hell for eternity,” Joanna starts screaming. Marta is trying to control her sister and to save Lisa’s party from going downhill. 

The party gets started when Adriana arrives in her black lingerie, with her nipples sticking out.  Adriana wants to find out what she missed, so she chats with Joe Francis.  After hearing how Karent stirred up trouble, Adriana is furious.  “She is acting like the devil,” Adriana tells the cameras about Karent’s actions. 

If there aren’t enough fights going on at this party, Karent’s gay friend gets into a fight with Lea’s gay friend.  The two men begin to throw drinks at each other and one guy ends up being pushed in the pool.  “There is no fighting in my house,” Lisa begins yelling at the men. Lisa recognizes this drama wouldn’t happen at Lea’s big gala.  They also wouldn’t have to blur out all the housewives nipples at Lea’s party! With all the water splashing, the DJs equipment gets ruined and the music stops. 

This is Lisa’s breaking point and she begins screaming at Lea for ruining her party.  “They both need to leave,” Lisa tells Karent. 

Right after Lisa announces that she doesn’t want any more fighting at the party, Adriana says she wants to talk to Karent.  Right away, Joanna comes over to protect Karent.  When Adrianna keeps questioning Karent about the article she did, Joanna defends her.  Then the fight begins between Adrianna and Joanna over who has “been in this business longer.”  The two women are screaming at each other and everyone is trying to break it up.  Finally Adriana storms off, but Joanna is right on her tail yelling at her.  Then it happens…Adriana turns around and punches her in the face. 

Oh yes she did!  There is scratching and hair pulling before the two girls are separated.  “I have never seen women fight like that ever,” Marysol tells the cameras.  Marta is crying and telling her sister that she is crazy, but Joanna won’t listen to her. When Marta doesn’t obey her sister, Joanna tells her to “stop it or she is going to lose a sister.”  Marta walks away and tells Joanna that she hates her.

Finally we get to see some drama with these Miami housewives.  This lingerie party will go down in history as the worst charity event, poor Lisa!  What did you think of tonight’s RHOM?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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3 Responses to “The Real Housewives Of Miami Recap: Lingerie Throwdown”

  1. Scarlet Says:
    October 28th, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    Wow!! Out of all the Houswives this one Is The Kicker..OMG..So Happy Joanna Got Smacked, She’s Such A Arrogant Disguisting Woman, She DID SleeP W JOe,Shes a Liar, Het Sister Hates her, Her Fiancé Hates Her & Can’t Get Rid of Her..MARTA Is Gorgeous… Wow!!! Joanne Has Norhing On MaRTa.. Please Let’s ALL B on Martas TEAM!!! She should b modeling, & making the $, let Joanna Need Her Sister, She’s a Bully A Bully or should I say Bully in Polish?!! Romaine– does not Like U!! I’m so Embarrased For Her.. I Live In Vegas & Know Lots Bout U Skanky Joanna.. Your Not A FliPPen HousewiFe…NOT Married, Noo KIDS… How The HeLL R u ON Show?? Fraud-Fake!!! This is now getting Sick Bravo…. Messing W Families… Having Woman that R Not Houswives on Show, Look Up Definition?!!! That’s Y Your Ratings SucK…. We All LOve the Old Hw’s Get Rid of New… They R NOT EVEN HSWiVES…MY GOD…

  2. Bongette Says:
    October 29th, 2012 at 10:29 am

    Way to go Adrianna!!

  3. Michelle Says:
    November 19th, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    I think the drag queen was right


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