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Breaking Amish: Jeremiah Raber Releases Police Reports, Ex-Wife Speaks Out

October 29, 2012 04:00 PM by Megan Wilson

We love to hate Jeremiah Raber, don’t we?  The Breaking Amish cast member has come under scrutiny lately after his ex-wife, Naomi Stutzman, spoke out to CBS 21 about their violent relationship.  She stated that TLC had offered her “Anything she wanted” in return for her silence on the matter, but it seems that TLC’s offer wasn’t enough.  Even though her willingness to talk was short lived, she did manage to talk to the station by phone.  Jeremiah Raber has also posted on Facebook about the matter, even releasing police reports to clear his name.

Naomi admitted, “This show is fake,”  and went on to admit that the couple were married for six years and share three children.  On the subject of leaving the Amish for the show, Naomi said that Jeremiah hasn’t been affiliated with the Amish since he was 18.

Naomi also accused Jeremiah of owing her over $20,000 in child support-which TLC paid, in part-which really sounds suspicious.  It seems that TLC may have known about the issue before filming.

On the subject of domestic problems between the two, Naomi said, “The kids and I suffered for years at the hands of this man. We went through multiple things.”  She even said at one point she ended up at a domestic violence shelter when finally leaving Jeremiah.  Reports have surfaced that he repeatedly threw her to the ground while pregnant, punched her in the stomach, and when she tried to leave, he threatened her, saying that if she left, she’d never have his baby.

Reports have also said that there are 17 police reports relating to Jeremiah, eight of which involve domestic violence.  Jeremiah has obviously heard about the accusations, and in an attempt to dispel rumors, posted police reports he was able to find on a Facebook page, Breaking Amish the Expose.  The three police reports he posted are summarized as follows:

Report #1 occurs on 5/20/08, and basically says that Naomi kicked Jeremiah out due to an argument over Jeremiah’s employment.  Jeremiah said they’d just moved from Florida and he had a job starting that Monday.  The police got Jeremiah some clothes and he went to stay at his parents house for a few days.

Report #2 occurs on 6/19/08, and reportedly was another verbal altercation between the couple, stemming from financial problems.  Neither party would leave the home, so the policeman told the couple to ignore each other for the night.

Report #3 occurs on 07/08/08 and again, the police are called regarding an argument between the two.  Jeremiah stated that he wasn’t feeling good and asked Naomi to keep the kids quiet, which led to the altercation.  Naomi packed her things and the kids and left.

While this is only three of the reported 17 reports, Jeremiah says that he’s not perfect, but that he’s not abusive.  I’m sure the other 14 reports will be found at one point.  Either way, there’s obviously some major drama here.

Jeremiah himself posted about the reports in his defense, and posted on the Facebook page, “Do your homework. I had said im working on the rest of them. Supposedly 9 of the 17 reports were stalking. I was living out of state at that time an have paystubs to prove it. Im not out to be mr perfect. The way it sounds even if i posted all the proof in the world u an some other ppl would be to air headed to believe it since you already have ur mind set. I dont need fans like you.”  and he goes on in another post to say, “i asked the admin to post them. im the one who sent them to him. they prove im nt guilty like ppl were sayin. everybody has the right to an opinion so i let them talk crap. ik whats tru.”  The only thing I know is true is that my eyes hurt after reading that awful text-speak gibberish.

Do you think Jeremiah was abusive?  Do you think Naomi will speak out again about the relationship?

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2 Responses to “Breaking Amish: Jeremiah Raber Releases Police Reports, Ex-Wife Speaks Out”

  1. Unknown Says:
    November 8th, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    Half of the bs are lies, heard it from the man himself

  2. Brenda Says:
    November 12th, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    I Think Jeremiah could very well be abusive. He said several times on air that he would’nt take no shit from any body. i really like the show the first couple times it aired. but i really think the whole world was decieved by every one of the cast members and i do think T L C knew all about , all of there story;s and life’s.shame on every one of ya’ll.


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