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Breaking Amish Recap: Decision Time

October 29, 2012 12:11 AM by Melissa Stavarski

It’s decision time for the cast of Breaking Amish. While in New York City, the cast got drunk, learned about coffee makers and alarm clocks, got drunk, bought new clothes, got drunk, learned how to pole dance, and got drunk. The TLC-paid-for bar hop journey has come to an end, so KateSabrinaJeremiahRebecca, and Abe must decide whether they will return to their Amish and Mennonite communities or continue to explore the world on their own.

Kate returns to Lancaster, PA to tell her friends and family that she has decided to stay in New York City to pursue modeling.  Kate finds her friends playing volleyball, but they immediately run away from her and the cameras. Kate’s family visit doesn’t go much better. Kate’s mother and siblings refuse to see her. Kate’s father visits with her (behind closed doors). He tells Kate that nobody wants to see her right now and, if she continues down this path, she’s going to go to Hell.

As planned, Kate goes back to the modeling agency in New York City. The agency moves Kate into the model apartment, where no boys are allowed. In the very near future, I expect them to ban Kate Cams as well.

Seems as if Kate busted up her elbow since the agency saw her last. They’re horrified. Okay, not horrified, but definitely bent out of shape. Kate is told she is now their “product” and she needs to be perfect at all times. The modeling agency sends Kate to two casting calls despite her scabbed-up elbow. One of the photographers compliments Kate’s eyes but tells her she could stand to lose five pounds. Never mind that Kate is mega tall and only weighs 115 pounds (at most). Apparently, shedding five pounds will really accentuate Kate’s cheekbones.

Next up, Jeremiah still pretends that he left behind an Amish girlfriend when he went to  New York City. When Jeremiah attempts to visit with Ivy, the fake girlfriend, she slams her house door in his face. Jeremiah shrugs his shoulders and says, “Well, I tried my best.” Yeah, Jeremiah really tried (eye rolls) to reconnect with the supposed love of his life… he put more effort into shoving dollar bills into the g-strings of several NYC strippers.

Sabrina‘s blue eye shadow plays a larger role in Sabrina’s return home than Sabrina does. Perhaps we’ll learn her fate next week. However, she does return later this episode to support Rebecca.

Abe‘s decision is extra tricky. After Abe fell in love with Rebecca and proposed marriage, he “got educated” on the fact that Rebecca is divorced. Due to the Amish’s strict rules, Abe cannot be Amish and marry Rebecca. In the end, Abe chooses Rebecca.

Abe tells his family that he’s not going to be Amish anymore. Abe’s mom invites him to stay for dinner; however, Abe cannot sit at the dinner table with the rest of his family. Sitting at a child’s schoolroom desk, Abe asks why he’s being shunned. Abe’s brother explains, “To teach a lesson.” Abe reminds his family that he’s still a human being. Mom responds, “I shouldn’t have let you even eat.” Brother says, “Leave when you’re done eating. It’s not good for the girls to see you in this way.” Abe decides he has had enough. He leaves. Inexplicably, the camera crew stays. Mom is like, “Why are they still here?”

Weird thing about Abe’s family – what happened to this sister? Did they trade her in for two new sisters?

Rebecca‘s return home is equally depressing. First, she finds a few of her friends at a local pizza shop. As soon as they spy Rebecca, they flee out the back door of the restaurant. Then, Rebecca learns that her grandparents have moved away.

Rebecca and Abe reunite. Rebecca cries on Abe’s shoulder. Abe tells Rebecca that he chooses her. Abe says, “I’m not worried about the past. I’m worried about the future.” Abe wants to leave Punxsutawney, PA and go to Lancaster, PA… to live and get married. His exact words are, “F**k Punxsutawney.” Rebecca has concerns but ultimately agrees. Neither Rebecca nor Abe has a job, any money, or a place to live, but they hire a wedding planner.

Best scene of the night - Rebecca refuses to do the traditional first dance as husband and wife because she’ll break her nose. Abe, “How much does a wedding cost?” Planner, “Average is $25,000.” Abe, “I got educated. That’s a shitload more than I thought.” Planner, “You will need a caterer.” Abe, “What’s a caterer?”

Abe’s vocabulary needs to “get educated.”

I have to know… who are they inviting to this wedding-planner-worthy wedding? Their friends and family do not want anything to do with them. Jeremiah accepted Abe’s invitation to be his best man… but only if there will be chicks there. Sabrina is  Rebecca’s maid of honor. So, that leaves Kate.

Tune in next week to see how this dramedy ends. The season finale will be followed by a two-part reunion special. TLC promises to answer all of our burning questions about this ruse Breaking Amish.

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Photo Credit: TLC

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5 Responses to “Breaking Amish Recap: Decision Time”

  1. Deedra Says:
    October 29th, 2012 at 7:24 am

    Breaking Amish has to be fake, at least Rebecca’s house. Amish don’t believe in electricity and yet the home she returned to had an electric stove, and outlet, and electric meter on the outside of the home and power lines going to the house. Does the show think we wouldn’t notice these things?

  2. Brenda Says:
    October 30th, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    Kate should be on America’s Next Top Model

  3. Linda Says:
    November 5th, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    i would like to know how much each person got paid for doing the show and if the actors were living in the real world befor the show started?

  4. sherry Says:
    November 27th, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    hey linda i think shes pretty to but this show has given her a bad name as a drunk but i think kate is more real than any of them i cannot stand rebecca and abe act to much like babies and jerimah is a punk sabrina is a slut

  5. Vickie Clarke Says:
    June 28th, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    Way too much inbreeding! If there is any basis in truth to this series, a Psychiatrist is needed badly. One is more screwed up than the next! I think I’m equally shocked at their deprivation of education. So far, it seems as though the only one has any employable skills is Kate in the fashion industry. Glad to see them all head for PA unemployment line


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