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The Voice Recap: The Knockout Rounds Begin

October 30, 2012 05:02 AM by Donna W. Martin

The battle rounds are over! Tonight was the first night of knockout rounds for NBC’s, The Voice and the competition was stiff. Each coach had 10 contestants each and in the new knockout rounds, two teammates will go head to head in a battle to see who will make it to the live playoff rounds. Take the jump and see what happened tonight!

Team Adam was the first to do battle in the knockout rounds.

Team Adam Battle 1:

Adam paired Joselyn and Kayla. Joselyn was up first and chose “Love on Top.” Then Kayla sang “Shark in the Water.”

Blake said, “Kayla played it safe.”

“Joselyn, I can’t think of a more ambitious song for you to choose,” Adam said. And to Kayla he said, “There’s a certain way you carry yourself, a certain soulfulness.”

It was a tough decision but Adam chose to go with Joselyn. “It broke my heart to do that,” he said as the girls left the stage.

Team Adam Battle 2:

Adam paired Joe and Bryan. Joe sang, “Mean” and Bryan sang “Everything I Do, I Do It For You.”

Christina Aguilera said, “I was feeling both of you on different levels.”

“Joe, this way surpassed my expectations of what we were doing in rehearsals. You killed it. Great job. And Bryan, it wasn’t as good today. However, half way through, you became Bryan again, Adam said.” I believe whole-heartedly in both of you,” he added and chose to go with Bryan.

Team Adam Battle 3:

Adam paired Amanda and Michelle. Amanda sang “Paris Ooh La La” and Michelle sang “Spotlight.”

Blake said, “Michelle just kicked the door in on this thing.”

“Michelle, you did things for yourself in this battle round I haven’t been able to do for you,” Adam said. “And Amanda, I haven’t really had time to coach you. So what this comes down to is who could I be a better coach for, who could I push further than the other.”

After some consideration, Adam chose to go with Amanda.

Team Adam Battle 4:

For this battle, Adam paired Loren and Nicole. Lauren sang “You Know I’m No Good” and Nicole sang “If I Ain’t Got You.”

Blake said, “Loren just became what we’re supposed to be looking for in this show.”

“Where have you been all my life in this competition?” Christina said. “Where’s my steal button? I’m mad!”

Adam said, “Nicole, all four chairs turned for you. We’ve all been loving you for a long time. You’ve never done anything other than astonish us.” He added, “Lauren, what? The element of surprise was astonishing – that here I am not knowing what the h*ll to do. I think you can both win it,” he said. “I wouldn’t have said that 10 minutes ago.” Adam said, “The thought of losing one of you two just kills me,” but ended up choosing Loren to go to the live playoffs.

Team Adam Battle 5:

For Adam’s final battle, he chose to pair Melanie and Sam. Melanie sang “Bulletproof” and Sam sang “Walking in Memphis.”

Christina said, “Melanie, when you open your mouth and you sing, it’s almost haunting and it really invites you into that special world that only you are capable of creating.”

“Melanie, you were nervous and got breathy. Sam, you need to get out of your comfort zone,” Adam said and chose Melanie.

The next team to go to battle was Team CeeLo.

Team CeeLo Battle 1:

For his first battle, CeeLo chose to pair Avery and Cody. Avery sang “Yeah 3X” and Cody sang “Jolene.”

Adam said Avery was a little all over the place. And Blake said this was the best he’d heard Cody sing so far. The CeeLo weighed in saying, “Avery, you can sing your *ss off and dance too.” Then added, “Cody, it take a brave man to sing Jolene.”

CeeLo chose to go with Cody but told Avery, “call me. I’ll take care of you.”

Team CeeLo Battle 2:

CeeLo paired MacKenzie and Daniel. MacKenzie sang, “Call Me Maybe” and Daniel sang “Back to December.”

Blake said, “MacKenzie, it took style, it took vision, and it took an artist to do what you did.” Christina added, “You owned it.”

Adam told Daniel, “I love seeing you with this new confidence.”

“You really, really made a connection with people today. You sing with a lot of soul, a lot of conviction, and a lot of confidence,” CeeLo said to MacKenzie. Then said to Daniel, “You are a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful singer but you are better than your performance today,” and decided to go with MacKenzie.

Team CeeLo Battle 3:

CeeLo paired Terisa and Trevin. Terisa sang “Saving All My Love” and Trevin sang “Against All Odds.”

Christina told Trevin, “I am so jealous CeeLo has you on his team. I believe in your talent so much.”

CeeLo told Terisa, “You did an exceptional job singing that song.” Then he said to Trevin, “I am so proud of you. I feel so fortunate. That’s the grace of God in your voice,” and chose to send Trevin through to the next level of the competition.

Team CeeLo Battle 4:

CeeLo paired Mycle and Nicholas. Mycle sang “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” and Nicholas sang “Put Your Records On.”

Christina said Mycle opened up to the audience more but that they both were soulful singers.

CeeLo told Mycle, “There’s something very special about your voice. It’s like a breath of fresh air.” And to Nicholas, he said, “You are a natural mystic, one of those things you can’t explain.” He adds, “So it boils down to how I feel and I should go with Nicholas.”

Team CeeLo Battle 5:

CeeLo paired Diego and Caitlin for his final battle of the night. Diego sang “Are You Gonna Go My Way” and Caitlin sang “Bring Me To Life.”

Adam said to Caitlin, “I love you. I’m so happy you did that song. That was a perfect match for your voice – you killed it!” But Christina added, “You run the risk of being too similar to the original artist.”

CeeLo made his choice by saying, “Caitlin, you’re beautiful and talented but I think there’s something special about Diego.”

What did you think of tonight’s knockout rounds? Did you agree with the judges’ choices? Did your favorite make the cut? Post a comment below and let us know what you think.

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