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Flipping Out Recap: Cat-Tastrophy

October 31, 2012 04:44 AM by Donna W. Martin

There’s always some kind of drama or die-hard emergency going on with Jeff Lewis and his crew on Bravo’s, Flipping Out. And this week’s episode was no exception including everything from broken shower tiles and gas problems to Monkey surgery and therapy sessions. Take the jump and read all about it.

This week’s episode was much like any other – full of drama. It all started with Jeff’s beloved cat, Monkey suffering with a bout of diarrhea, which led to an immediate trip to the vet. Jeff was an hour away at Grandma Patty’s working on a little renovation project when he got a call from the vet, Dr. Heim.

Dr. Heim explained that she had completed an ultrasound on Monkey and said his intestine wasn’t moving like it should, which made her suspect a foreign body. She went on to suggest surgery to see if there was anything there and to remove it. Jeff reluctantly agreed and gave the vet the go ahead for surgery.

But Jeff was none too pleased when Dr. Heim called him with the results. There was no foreign body; it was only gas bubbles. Jeff said he felt guilty; he’d made the wrong decision, and felt like a bad parent.

There was even more shock when Jeff went in to see the vet and pick up Monkey. Much to his surprise, the vet only had one arm. “Did she do the surgery? Oh f*ck, did she do the surgery?” He thought. “I think you need both arms when doing surgery,” he continued.

Jeff stressed over his thoughts for about 10 minutes before Dr. Heim let him know Dr. Ingram had completed the surgery. She said she wasn’t able to do surgery because she only had one arm and that Monkey would be fine.

The next snafu this week for Jeff concerned the Venice house. Laura was anxious to move back in but was upset that so many things were still wrong with her house. She told Jeff she was frustrated with Roberto, wanted him gone, and wanted Jeff to hire his own people to fix it. So Jeff enlisted Andrew to go to the Venice house and make all the necessary repairs so Laura could move back in.

Well you know it can’t be that easy, right? The shower support rod was installed crooked by Roberto and Andrew’s crew cracked the tile trying to correct the mistake. Meanwhile Jeff and Jenni are shopping for carpet options but Jenni couldn’t resist taking Jeff up on a $20. Climb the carpet pile and touch the ceiling for $20. She scaled the carpet but then found herself asking, “How do I get down now?” A forklift of course! Much to Jeff’s delight, crazy Jenni is back!

Andrew finally gets all the repair work completed at the Venice house and Laura starts to move in but quickly realizes the gas isn’t working – so it’s back to a hotel. Andrew crawls under the house to seek out the gas line problem, both to help Laura and to get a bonus. After crawling around for a while, Andrew found that the gas line shut off, he turned it on and saved the day.

But that’s not all the drama for this episode. Jeff and his crew could not go a full episode without teasing; I mean bickering about every little thing, now could they? Jenni tells Jeff she was hurt by the jokes he made at her wedding, especially those about her eggs being rotten. And of course, Jeff couldn’t resist saying, “They’re not the freshest in town. They have an expiration date.”

And Zoila and Gage…where do I start. Zoila teased Gage about being pregnant when he got sick and threw up. So of course Gage retaliated by saying, “num, num, num,” when Zoila was eating, calling her Miss Piggy. Zoila didn’t take it calling Gage a big, big, huge b*tch – Barbie B*tch. “Gage, that’s your new nickname,” she said.

Then Zoila throws out a product sample that was sitting on Gage’s desk. But she later goes into the garbage to retrieve it, dog poop, and all. Jeff cracks up and tells her “wipe it off. He won’t ever know.” But when Zoila gives Gage the box, Jeff starts laughing and tells him about the poop.

Things got so bad between these two this week, it was off to a therapy visit with Dr. Donna. Jeff explains the situation to Dr. Donna telling her that the teasing is getting out of control, people get frustrated, and they need to figure out what to do.

As it turns out, Zoila felt like she was being replaced when Gage moved in. Dr. Donna suggests no teasing for a week. She wants everyone to be more respectful of each other and nicer to one another. But of course, that doesn’t work. The nonsense starts as soon as they get back in the car to leave. Jeff instigates the drama between Zoila and Gage. He said he loves it; he doesn’t want birds chirping and rainbows. After all, what drama queen would, right?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Flipping Out? Do you think the teasing bickering will ever let up with this bunch? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

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2 Responses to “Flipping Out Recap: Cat-Tastrophy”

  1. Lynn Says:
    November 23rd, 2012 at 12:13 am

    Dr. Heim has horrible judgment and I would never go to this doctor and would never recommend her. You always must get a second opinion when faced with cutting your beloved pet open. Dr. Heim rushed for no reason and I am surprised by her lack of care and negligence.

  2. Jenny Jones Says:
    November 23rd, 2012 at 11:22 am

    The Vet was clearly taking advantage of the situation and Jeff. This is more than a Catostrophy! Dr. Heim performed surgery when kitty didn’t feel good for a few days. Why not try the same Pepsid she prescribed after? The poor kitty was yelping in pain at Jeff’s house after the surgery. It’s a horrible disregard for life, extremely negligent, and I cannot believe the severe method this supposed doctor recommended for common gas pain. I couldn’t help but write and anytime you get a serious diagnosis, get a second opinion and do research. Dr. Heim would never be allowed near my pets.


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