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The Voice Recap: Knockouts Night Two

October 31, 2012 04:45 AM by Donna W. Martin

Tonight was night two of the knockout rounds on NBC’s, The Voice. Team Blake and Team Christina took the stage to fight it out for the final 10 slots in the live playoffs. Who did the coaches pair up to do battle? Who made it through? And who went home? Take the jump to find out!

Team Christina was up first.

Team Christina Battle 1:

Christina paired Devyn and Laura for the first battle. Devyn sang “I Have Nothing” and Laura sang “I Need To Know.”

Blake told Devyn, “To sing Whitney Houston, you’re stepping into big shoes. You did a good job.”

“Laura, your performance was grand,” CeeLo said.

Christina said, “Devyn, you’re an ambitious vocalist. And Laura, you come in quiet and then bam! You did it.” She added, “I don’t want to beat around the bush. I feel that one of you can benefit from my coaching more than the other, so I’ve got to go with Devyn.”

Team Christina Battle 2:

Christina paired Adriana and Celica. Adriana sang, “Already Gone” and Celica sang “Never Say Never.”

Adam said, “You both had different things that made you strong. Adriana, you have a really powerful, incredible, very Team Christina voice.”

Blake added, “Both had pitchy moments but you both had your redeeming moments also.”

Christina said, “I’m so proud of both of you. Adriana, nerves are an issue for you but you relaxed yourself and that’s the strongest I’ve seen you perform that song – so that was really, really, really good.” She added, “And Celica, you gave me that little feistiness I was looking for and I appreciate it because it shows me you grew… I’m proud of you both but I have to go with Adriana.”

Team Christina Battle 3:

For battle number three, Christina paired Alessandra and Dez. Alessandra sang “Take A Bow” and Dez sang “Stuck On You.”

Adam said, “Clearly you guys are both super talented. Alessandra, you’ve made some huge strides and because I’ve seen so much growth, I’d go with Alessandra.”

Blake added, “It’s like a battle of the heart throbs. I think you’re both really great.”

Christina said, “Alessandra, I told you to take notes and just melt that raspiness in your voice and you did that.” She added, “And then Dez, your runs start up and then go all the way down – it’s so accurate and that’s hard to do.” Christina explains, “This one I’m really torn about actually. Moving forward on my team – I’ve got to go with Dez.”

Team Christina Battle 4:

Christina paired Chevonne and De’borah. Chevonne sang “Dancing With Myself” and De’borah sang, “You Found Me.”

Adam said, “I’ve never seen stage presence like you guys have. Chevonne, this was really your best moment on the show but I think I’d go with De’borah.”

Christina said, “I’m proud as always. You guys are just natural performers.” She added, “Chevonne, you are unafraid to go to that ledge and just jump off. You were just out there as a woman having fun and I love that about you.” She told De’borah, “You came here and you controlled it. I love you both dearly and I don’t want to see anybody go but moving forward in the competition – I have to move on with De’borah.”

Team Christina Battle 5:

For Christina’s final battle of the night, she chose to pair Aquile and Sylvia. Aquile sang “Grenade” and Sylvia sang “Fighter.”

Christina said, “These were very ambitious songs to sing and Aquile – by choosing this song, Grenade, I was like, ‘He’s asking for a challenge.’ And I think you took all the notes beautifully during rehearsal and you did a great job.” She added, “And then I found out Sylvia was doing Fighter and I was like, ‘Well d*mn.’ I know that, that song is very hard to sing live. It’s very difficult – I’ve got to go with Sylvia on this one.

Team Blake was up next.

Team Blake Battle 1:

For Blake’s first battle, he paired Gracia and Liz. Gracia sang “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and Liz sang “Gunpowder and Lead.”

Blake said, “I thought you both did really good.” He explains, “This is a lot of pressure. I would buckle in this situation.” Blake goes on to say, “It’s a little bit confusing to me to know that the Gracia that auditioned for this show that ‘I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart.’ I’m confused by the song choice. Liz – it seems like you have a better grasp on who you want to be as an artist. I have to go with Liz.”

Team Blake Battle 2:

Blake paired Rudy and Terry for battle number two. Rudy sang “Forever” and Terry sang “Baby I’m Amazed.”

Christina said, “Terry, you’re no joke – I’m hands down all the way for Terry.”

CeeLo added that he was amazed with Terry and Adam said he was crazy good.

Then it was all up to Blake. “Rudy, we talked about your connection to such a young lyric. And I see Terry continuing down that classic rock path.” Blake added, “He has a vision for who he wants to be as an artist. Rudy loves music so much he likes to do all kinds of things.” He explains, “But in this situation Rudy, I don’t think it played into your hand. I’ve got to go with Terry.”

Team Blake Battle 3:

Blake paired Collin and Michaela. Collin sang, “Break Even” and Michaela sang, “Love is a Battlefield.”

Christina said, “Michaela, I couldn’t wait to see you perform. I felt like you had a connection with this emotionally and you conveyed it that way. It spoke genuine to me.”

Blake said he heard great things in both as well as flaws in both. “It comes down to what I’m into the most,” he explained. “Man I love this little girl so much – I’ve got to go with Michaela.”

Team Blake Battle 4:

Blake paired Julio and MarissaAnn. Julio sang “Somebody to Love” and MarissaAnn sang “Lady Marmalade.”

Christina said, MarissaAnn, I was loving it. I just love to see you go out there with that fire and really just deliver on a song that is a challenge to sing – so good job.”

Blake said, “This was two great performances and there’s a reason you both have made it this far on the show.” He explained, “It’s so dead even. I think I know what the right thing for me to do is. I have so much time invested in Julio; I’ve got to go with Julio this time.”

Team Blake Battle 5:

For Blake’s final battle, he paired Cassadee and Suzanna. Cassadee sang “Payphone” and Suzanna sang “Could You Be Loved.”

Christina said, “My favorite is Suzanna. I loved the song choice – a hard song to convey in a competition.”

Blake said, “This is a war happening up here. Suzanna, I really think your song choice hurt you here.” He explained, “I thought it was a little too laid back. And I think Cassadee took a chance and knocked it out of the park. I’ve got to go with Cassadee.”

That wraps it up for the knockout rounds. What do you think of tonight’s episode? Do you agree with the judges’ picks? Did your favorite make the cut? Post a comment below and let us know what you think.

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