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Survivor: Philippines Recap – Two Tribes Become One

November 01, 2012 05:11 AM by Donna W. Martin

Tonight’s episode of Survivor Philippines took an unexpected turn right from the start when both tribes received notification they would be merging. And it didn’t take long for things to get interesting as everyone scurried to find the right alliance and ensure they were strong. Continuing reading after the jump to see what happened tonight.

Everyone learns that the teams will be merging when a boat comes in and delivers a note. They have only 10 minutes to gather their belongings and board the boat to be taken to their new island. Malcolm seems the most flustered because he has to dig up his Hidden Immunity Idol and secure it in his belongings without anyone seeing him. He flings it into a bag of clothes and boats the boat.

As the tribes head into the merge, the Yellow Tribe has seven members to the Red Tribe’s four members. But don’t let the numbers fool you. The Yellow Tribe may have more numbers but they are somewhat divided. And although the Red Tribe seems to be more solid, Penner is unpredictable and will do whatever it takes to stay in the game.

Everyone arrives at the new island. They sit around getting to know each other and enjoy the food and wine that’s waiting for them.

It doesn’t take long for alliances to come into question and shift. Jeff thinks a veteran shouldn’t be the winner of the game, while RC and Mike talk amongst themselves and feel like they are free agents and consider joining the Red Tribe, which would bring the numbers six to five.

While the guys start working on building a shelter, Lisa decides to hang out everyone’s laundry so the clothes can dry. But she finds more than laundry when she digs into Malcolm’s bag. She finds his Idol. Once he realizes Lisa has gone through his bag, he pulls him aside to talk and she assures him that she’ll keep his secret. She apologizes and tells him that she didn’t mean to do it; she only wanted to hang out his laundry. Malcolm suggests forming an alliance with Lisa, Denise, and him. Lisa goes along with him but suspects she’s being played.

Jonathan and Lisa spend some time together. They go for a swim and talk a bit before Jonathan goes to talk to Mike about being veterans and how they can survive elimination.

Everything boils down to alliances and RC and Mike continue to weigh their position between the two tribes. They decide they need to go with the Red Tribe in order to survive or else they’re done when only Yellow Tribe members are left in the game.

Then it’s time for an immunity challenge. The challenge has each person holding a rope attached to a bucket. The bucket contains 25% of their own body weight. To win immunity, the players must keep their buckets from crashing to the ground. The last man and last woman standing win immunity this week.

Only 5 minutes in, Scupin loses his grip and his bucket hits the ground. Then Pete and Penner quickly follow. Next to go are Lisa and Malcolm. Now there are three men and three women left. But RC and then Abi soon drop their buckets making Denise the immunity winner for the women.

Artis kisses his biceps but that doesn’t help and 15 minutes into the challenge, his bucket falls. Now it’s down to Jeff and Carter. Twenty-five minutes have passed and both are holding strong. Then Jeff tells Carter if you drop, I’ll owe you one, but Carter holds fast and says he’s all right. Jeff’s bucket drops and Carter wins immunity.

After the challenge, RC is feeling like she’s safe but Mike is not as confident because he’s a returning player. Mike talks to Jeff about him and RC going with the Red Tribe but Jeff makes it clear that doesn’t want to be beaten by Jonathan.

Jeff and Carter then head off to talk but they’re interrupted by Jonathan. And then Jeff returns to speak with Pete telling him that they’re on the same page and are going to vote Jonathan and get rid of the veteran players.

Then it’s time for the Tribal Council. Abi and RC have words because Abi thought RC betrayed her by digging up a clue for an immunity idol that the two had buried together. But RC said she didn’t do it and thought that Abi had dug it up… but it was Pete who did it.

Enough drama! It’s time to vote. After everyone votes, the players are asked if anyone has a hidden immunity idol and if they do and want to use it – now is the time. Jonathan speaks up and uses his immunity idol. Any votes cast against him do not count and it comes down to RC and Pete. As the final ballots are read, Pete has two votes and RC has four – so RC goes home this week.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you think RC would be the one to leave this week? Post a comment below and let us know what you think.

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