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Kitchen Nightmares Recap: La Galleria 33, Part Two

November 02, 2012 06:41 PM by Megan Wilson

Tonight we see the follow up episode to the season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares at La Galleria 33.  Last week, we caught a glimpse of two sisters subconsciously  hell-bent on destroying their restaurant.  Nestled in the north end area of Boston, their Italian food lacks flare compared to the other Italian restaurants in the area, and the customers have taken notice.  The sisters, Rita and Lisa, are NOT financially savvy, and have found themselves drowning in debt attempting to keep their restaurant afloat.  With staff skirmishes brimming over, Gordon Ramsay steps in to try and revive La Galleria 33.  Faced with horrible food-safety standards and a menu that brags on blah, not to mention the bickering sisters, Gordon is definitely facing a challenge!

Our fork-tongued hero opens the show where we left last week-giving Lisa a severe tongue lashing.  The cook, Doug, had previously dropped a raw chicken breast on the ground in full view of the camera, and picked it up and cooked it.  Lisa decides she’s had enough and takes a break with a glass of wine, which is something she’s accused of doing WAY too much on the job.

Gordon’s big complaint is that nobody is taking pride in their work, from the owners to the waitstaff.  After a meeting with Rita and Lisa, Gordon gets tired of the back and forth and calls one of his famous confrontational meetings with the entire staff of La Galleria 33.  The staff meeting starts off with Rita and Lisa taking the employees to task.  The employees start defending themselves, and Rita actually calls an employee a “Sloth”!  She is literally picking on every single employee.

Let me just interject here and say that these girls are rude with a capital R.  They think their stuff doesn’t stink!  She goes beyond being confrontational to just cruel!  One employee, Sarah, starts sticking up for herself, and is accused of being a money grubber!  After a confrontation over tipping the busboys, the owners say Sarah is making too much money.  The staff is sick and tired her hogging tables and tips, and they decide to initiate some changes. Sarah is visibly irritated by this, and storms out, with the other employees practically pushing her out the door!

Gordon finally somehow seems to make some leeway with the owners and staff, and the owners finally realize that they need to tone down the attitude and gear up the teamwork.  Things start to look up for the La Galleria 33 crew.  Rita decides to offer Gordon a peace offering by making a tiramisu, which he says is good.  While we can’t really be sure how he feels about it, he doesn’t really gush over it.

Gordon makes things serious again by bringing out pictures of food coming out of the kitchen at La Galleria 33.  To say it’s gross looking is an understatement.  The crew is also grossed out by what they see coming out of the kitchen.  He compares these images with dishes other restaurants in the area are serving, and the message is clear.  The food at La Galleria 33 is  pinkish-orange slop.  But still, Rita and the cook remain defensive.

Gordon and the crew take a break while the new menu is prepared.  Gordon shows off the new perk of the restaurant: Small plates.  They are small, single serving dishes that allow customers to order a variety of foods.  The new menu is fresh, colorful, and delicious!  The cook seems incredibly intimidated by cooking FRESH food.  Gordon even brings in a professional chef to implement the new changes.

The new chef starts drilling the new menu into the existing chef’s head, and the crew comes in for the remodel.  Sarah has mysteriously re-appeared, and it’s made clear that she’s skating on thin ice with the crew.  Gordon brings everyone in to reveal the changes, which of course are beautiful.  It’s classic, clean, and simple.  Unfortunately, that’s where the fun ends and the work begins!  It’s on to an EXPLOSIVE dinner service!

Gordon Ramsay attempts to run them through the specials, which falls flat.  While the staff brushes up on the menus, the doors open for the relaunch.  It’s funny to watch Ramsay hiding out in the corner whispering hints to the servers are they take the orders from the customers.  The computers decide to go on the fritz at this point, which adds just another log to the fire.  The crew switches over to paper checks to keep the orders going to the kitchen.

One of the waiters, Miguel,  is having a hard time adapting to the changes, and starts mouthing back to Rita, Lisa, AND Gordon.  A camera cuts to Miguel saying “Oh yeah, what are you going to do?” and Gordon pulls him in close and says he’ll MAKE him respect the owners.  They always have to turn up the drama before the end, don’t they?  Gordon whips Rita and Lisa into shape and commands them to own the floor.

The food is met with groans of adoration from the customers, and they all seem very satisfied with their meals.  The kitchen finally starts running like a well oiled machine, and the dinner service comes to a close.  Gordon complimented the entire staff and the chefs on their attention and maintaining their high standards throughout the harrowing dinner service.

La Galleria seems to be back on track now, and hopefully it stays that way!  Here’s to seeing a good report a few months from now on the update show!  The cutest exit shot was shown-it’s Rita chasing Gordon down begging him not to leave.  So sweet.

They finished the show by giving an update a few weeks after leaving.  The restaurant is flourishing, even without their star money-grubbing server, Sarah.  They say everything is smooth sailing and look forward to seeing Gordon Ramsay sometime in the future!

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  1. A bolt Says:
    November 3rd, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    Put Lisa on the menu, that will turn the place around.


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