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Project Runway All Stars Recap: Nine West Disco Challenge

November 02, 2012 04:29 AM by Donna W. Martin

It was boogie fever on tonight’s episode of Project Runway All Stars as the designers were asked to create a disco inspired design. Who rose to the challenge? And who flopped? Take the jump to find out!

Tonight’s episode starts with the 12 remaining designers going to the Nine West Shoe Room, where Stephanie Greenfeld, Chief Creative Officer of The Jones Group gave the designers their challenge.

This week, the designers had to create show stopping party wear for a night on the town inspired by disco. But there was a twist – their design must be based on a Nine West shoe from the 70’s Bright shoe trend collection. And there was an added bonus; the winning designer of this challenge received a prize – their design will be part of the Nine West Fall Ad Campaign.

There were 12 shoe styles to choose from and since Anthony won last week’s challenge, he got first pick. Once all the designers picked their shoe, they had 30 minutes to sketch their design in the Nine West showroom, before going to Mood where they had a budget of $200 each and 30 minutes to shop.

After working on their designs, Kayne invited the designers to a disco break, complete with music and a disco ball. And then they received a surprise message from famous designer, Karl Lagerfeld. “Be creative. Take your job very seriously,” he advised. “But have fun. Good luck.”

When time ran out, it was time to hit the runway.

Anthony, Emilio, Althea, Laura, Joshua, and Suede were told they were safe. Ivy, Wendy, Kayne, Uli, Casanova, and Andrae were left standing on the runway. Carolyn said, “Three of you have the highest scores and three of you have the lowest scores.”

The judges critiqued each design starting with Ivy. “I love the gold in the shoe, the gold in the top, and the cut off pants underneath,” Georgina said.

Guest judge, designer Rafe Totengco said, “It’s a very feminine sophisticated look but I would prefer it to be a little shorter.”

Then for Wendy’s design. Carolyn said, “I’m glad you referenced a younger generation but I’m just not crazy about it – there’s a little too much going on.”

Georgina added, “When you started talking about the shoe/tuxedo look, I don’t see tuxedo in it but I do applaud your use of color and print.”

Rafe said, “I don’t know what I’m looking at. My eyes are confused.”

“I like the graphic but I think it looks a little theme park – goes a little junior for me,” Isaac explained.

For Kayne’s design, Carolyn said, “I’m not crazy about the top.”

Isaac said, “There’s something so J Lo about her but somehow it works against the disco thing for some reason.”

And Georgina said, “Those trouser seams – it’s so hard lining up all those chevrons perfectly and that makes me very happy to see that. It’s very pleasing.”

Rafe said of Uli’s design, “She looks like the kind of girl I want to go dancing with. I want to just shake my booty with her. She looks great.”

Isaac added, “I’m kind of getting like a futuristic kind of Cherokee moment like an American Indian kind of futuristic Cher. I want more on the back.”

And Georgina said, “You were very smart with the time constraints you were given to pick a simple shape so you could concentrate on making a really sharp looking item. And you know what – she feels modern.”

Carolyn said of Casanova’s design, “I like the back. I think it’s a really interesting detail.”

Isaac added, “I love this dress too. It’s a very sexy dress but it’s not dangerous.” He explained, “A woman doesn’t have to worry so much about things because it’s so tight.”

And Georgina said, “The color was what immediately grabbed me. It really evokes 70’s. It evokes fun. However, I would rather have seen this long.” She explained, “It could have gone to a slightly chicer place.”

And lastly, the judges addressed Andrae’s design. Isaac said, “She should take her jacket off.” And after the model removed her jacket, he said, “That’s so gorgeous.”

Georgina added, “You got the hair and make-up styling so good – the coat threw me.” She explained, “It took me back to where we were last week and we don’t want to think you’re a one trick pony.”

And Rafe said, “When I first saw the model coming down the runway, I thought take the coat off – take it off quickly.”

The designers and their models left the runway so the judges could deliberate. And then they were called back to get the judges’ decision.

Uli, Ivy, and Casanova were the three high-score designs. Uli won this week’s challenge and the Nine West Fall Ad Campaign prize. Ivy and Casanova were safe, which left Andrae, Kayne, and Wendy in the bottom three. The judges told Kayne he was safe.

Then it was down to Andrae and Wendy. One would be in and one would be out.

Carolyn said, “Andrae, adding the coat confused the look and made the design too similar to last week’s.” She added, “Wendy, Your design has good graphic quality but it’s just not a modern woman.”

Then came the decision, “Andrae, you are in. Wendy, you are out,” Carolyn said.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think the designers did a good job with the 70’s disco theme? Which design was your favorite? And do you agree with the judges’ decision to send Wendy home? Post a comment below and let us know what you think.

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