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Britney Spears Lawsuit: Judge Threw Sam Lutfi’s Case Out!

November 03, 2012 02:00 PM by Megan Wilson

We just learned that the defamation suit that Sam lutfi filed against Britney Spears’ family has been thrown out of court.  The pop starlet turned the X Factor judge has been absent from the courtroom, but her mom, Lynne, has been fighting the good fight.  Thankfully, today, the judge decided that Sam Lutfi‘s case had no merit-and tossed it out before the case even went to the jury!

Sam originally filed the lawsuit claiming that the Spears family had defamed him, attacked him, and also breached the contract they held with him during Britney’s meltdown.  There have been a slew of witnesses and accusations.  Sam tried to paint Britney’s mom as a racist and an abusive person, saying she pushed him at one point, and wrote racial slurs about him in her book.

Sam also claimed that there was meth hidden in Britney’s house while he was her manager, even going so far as to call an ex-nanny to the stand.  The ex-nanny said that during her short stint there she never saw any trace of drugs.  Sam says that since the nanny was fired for snagging a dress (Which she later returned), her word can’t be trusted.

Another witness was Britney’s ex-boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib.  Adnan stated that the Spears camp told him to slander Sam’s name around town in order to ruin his reputation.

Jamie, Britney’s father, took the stand and said that Sam and Jamie once had a physical altercation.  Sam attempted to get a text message entered into evidence that read, “If and when I met u one thing is going to happen I am going to jail and u r going to the hospital.”  Jamie admitted to touching Sam, but that it didn’t go far.  Sam claims that Jamie went full throttle attack mode, forcing Sam to lock himself in a game room to get away from Jamie.

Whether this is all true or not, the judge found that Sam had NO evidence that made the case worth presenting to the jury, so he threw it out!  We hope this means we won’t see Sam stirring up drama anymore!

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