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Breaking Amish Recap: The Fun Continues In Atlantic City

November 05, 2012 12:28 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on Breaking Amish, Abe, RebeccaKate, and Jeremiah returned to their Amish communities only to be shunned by their friends and families. According to Sabrina, her Mennonite parents weren’t too hard on her because they lied to her about how she came to be adopted. This week, Jeremiah and Sabrina bring everyone to Atlantic City for some pre-wedding fun.

Jeremiah visits Sabrina to talk about Abe and Rebecca’s upcoming wedding. Despite the fact that Jeremiah and Sabrina were each married before Breaking Amish (in non-Amish/Mennonite ceremonies), they both claim not to know anything about English bachelor and bachelorette parties. Fast forward 45 minutes… the crew is in Atlantic City with sex toys and booze. Looks like Jeremiah and Sabrina “got educated” quickly.

Before Kate meets up with the others in Atlantic City, she goes on a date with a guy she met in a club. His name is Mike. Mike is sometimes a DJ and sometimes an accountant. But, he’s not really an accountant, he just does accounting. What? Mike gets worse. Mike’s non-stop questions for Kate include: Do you drink? Weren’t you blonde before? What do you weigh – like, 80 pounds? What do you think I weigh? Do you see me as a R&B singer?

Kate pays the check at the end of the date. To the camera, Kate jokes that she got it [check] but Mike isn’t ever gonna get it [sex].

Also pre-Atlantic City, we learn that Sabrina has a new boyfriend. Harry asks as many questions as Mike does, however, all of his questions are about Jeremiah. Harry demands to know if Jeremiah has been in touch with Sabrina. Sabrina tells Harry, “Don’t worry. I love you.”

Meanwhile, Jeremiah sits in front of a stream, talking about his future with Sabrina.

Jeremiah visits Sabrina again. This time to talk about their relationship status. Sabrina says, “I’m sorry – I knew you liked me, but I didn’t think it was like that.” Jeremiah insists he told Sabrina exactly how he felt about her in New York. Sabrina tells Jeremiah about Harry, and Jeremiah wants to know why Harry and not him. Sabrina tells him that she cannot date anyone who is (or was) Amish/Mennonite.

Jeremiah gets angry, claiming Sabrina led him on. Sabrina resorts to the victim role that she does so well. Jeremiah says, “I don’t get why you totally messed with my mind and my head up until now.” Sabrina whines, “You’re the one reading things into things that aren’t there.” Totally full of himself, Jeremiah tells Sabrina that after they plan the bachelor and bachelorette parties, they’re done. Sabrina shoots back, “We were never started.”

Then, Jeremiah gets in Sabrina’s face (cause he’s a jerk like that) and says, “One more thing – you f***ing played me and f***ing lied. You kept texting me, acting like you wanted me and now you act like this.” Jeremiah leaves. To the camera, Sabrina does her annoying “I’m sorrrry” whine, adding that Jeremiah just can’t have her right now.

Finally… Atlantic City. The “kids” score a beachfront room at Trump‘s Taj Mahal, and, once again, they’re all like, oh, lights! and oh, big rooms! Jeremiah, Kate, and Sabrina gamble while Abe and Rebecca go for a walk on their own (because Rebecca isn’t 21 yet). Later, Abe and Rebecca enjoy a couples massage while Kate, Jeremiah, and Sabrina check out the sex toys and trashy novelties.

Abe’s Amish brother, Andy, joins the party. Abe and Rebecca are forced to wear silly costumes and let strangers write their names on them. After that fun, Rebecca and Abe find the sex toys all over their hotel room. Rebecca freaks out a bit over the blow up doll… she gets rid of it… and then a female stripper shows up.

Tune in next week to watch Rebecca lose her mind. Next week’s Breaking Amish season finale will be followed by part one of the two-part reunion.

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