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The Amazing Race Recap: Living The Good Life With Massages And Turkish Delight

November 05, 2012 03:14 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

Tempers are wearing thin among the remaining contestants on The Amazing Race, and once friendly participants such as Ryan,  Nadiya and Natalie are now going for blood. Drama on The Amazing Race? You bet!

The Amazing Race teams are all happy to get out of Bangladesh. They’ve been struggling under the oppressive heat and even more oppressive challenges. Now it’s off to Istanbul for a new set of struggles. But perhaps the biggest struggle this time around is the growing nastiness emerging from a few contestants. It kicks off with James and Abba dropping $100 that they were supposed to spend on taxis and the like. Oops. Nadiya and Natalie find the money and decide to pocket it. They don’t know that it belongs to James and Abba and just might have returned it if they had. But they hope that it’s Abbie and Ryan’s money.

Poor James and Abba. This is even worse in light of last week’s news surrounding a cancer diagnosis in James’ family. Fortunately, the two aren’t impacted too badly by the loss of money.  They toss their pride out the window and beg for money on the street. And it works! James and Abba’s ability to keep calm (and not flip out at the other contestants) makes this team a lot more likeable. Not that they weren’t likeable before; I’m just even more saddened now, because I sense that they probably will not be winning this reality competition.

Everyone heads to Istanbul on the same plane and when they arrive, have the option of taking a cab or the Metro to their next destination. Most teams choose taxis, but James and Jaymes (the Chippendales) and Rob and Kelley (monster truckers) decide to be rebels and go with the Metro. This decision ends up being a bad one, and James and Jaymes ultimately choose to join the others on the taxi (a choice which has Rob and Kelley mocking the Chips for being “followers”).

The next clue is accompanied by a box of Turkish Delight. Yum! The teams now must choose between Simit, which involves transporting Turkish bagels, or Scrub It, where the contestants get massages. Yep, that’s right, massages. You’d think everyone would be smart enough to go with this option, but no, once again the monster truckers have to be rebels. Also choosing the Simit challenge is the goat farmer team. Crazies.

Everyone has a good time at the bathhouse, but none more than Chippendale dancer Jaymes. He’s obviously in his element, stripped down for the world to see. Our Simit friends don’t have as much fun, finding that delivering bagels is every bit as difficult as any other Amazing Race challenge requiring delivery. The other teams learn this unfortunate fact again as well, being forced to sell and dispense soda from a heavy teapot.

As this leg of the race draws to a close, the goat farmers and monster truckers are way behind. Lexi and Trey arrive first and I’m happy for them. Shortly thereafter, Abbie and Ryan, James and Abba and the twins all finish in quick succession. Just when you think our goat farmers are going to be last due to another taxi mishap, Josh hops out of the cab and begins to direct traffic!  I can’t help but smile at his audacity/bravery/awesomeness. They beat out the monster truckers and thank heavens for that.

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