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Brandi Glanville LeAnn Rimes Continue to Clash

November 06, 2012 02:00 PM by Donna W. Martin

Cheating and divorce are always difficult but it’s extremely difficult and even more emotional when there are children involved. Three years after former Nashville Star host, LeAnn Rimes swooped in and stole Brandi Glanville’s husband, Eddie Cibrian, Glanville admits that there’s still tension between her and Rimes. Glanville, a regular on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills says she still clashes with Rimes when it comes to her and Cibrian’s two young sons.

According to MSN, Glanville was upset with Rimes on Halloween for a couple of reasons. One, Eddie and LeAnn had the kids for Halloween and as their mother, Brandi was upset that she missed spending time with them. But to top it all off, Glanville said Rimes was tweeting photos of her boys and she had to hear about it from other people. She said people were calling her to say, ‘I saw your babies online.’ Glanville explains, “It breaks my heart because I can’t be there with them. I was p*ssed… I mean send me the pictures.”

Glanville goes on to compare her situation with that of some of her friends who are stepmoms saying, “Three of my best friends are stepmoms and they have no issues, they’re very respectful, there’s no drama, they handle it properly.” She continues, “I think with the situation between him (referring to Cibrian) and I, it was more like, ‘Ha, ha, ha, I won…’ and now it’s like, (with Rimes) ‘I won, I have the kids, I have the husband,’ and it’s like, ‘OK, you win, now go, and make music…’ I feel like there’s still that, like, ‘I got this, I got your family!’

Glanville says she has moved past Cibrian and “I wish the best for them. I want them to go and be happy… and just be respectful.” After all, she said she has been respectful to them by not telling her two sons about Rimes’ recent 30-day rehab stay. “They do not know (about rehab). I wanted to talk to the kids about it but I respected Eddie’s wishes and we didn’t say anything because (Rimes) does go on tour and she does leave for long periods of time, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Glanville isn’t trying to turn the kids against Rimes or Cibrian and says she’s glad her sons like Rimes. “It would be hard for me if they didn’t like her. I would be in court trying to get them back all the time.”

What do you think of the situation between Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes? Do you think Rimes is trying to rub ‘I got your man and I’ve got your kids’ in Glanville’s face? Post a comment below and tell us what you think.

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