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The Voice Recap: The Choice is Yours

November 06, 2012 12:48 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

It’s the first night of “live playoffs” on The Voice! Since a little thing called the presidential election is getting in the way of Tuesday night’s episode, night 2 will be moved to Wednesday,  but the first round offers enough drama to tide you over until then! Tonight, the mentors are forced to make some tough choices. Who will make the cut!

Team Adam and Team Blake are first up for the difficult live playoff round (Side note: what’s with the baseball terminology? Has this show not used enough bad names for its various rounds?)  In the last two seasons of The Voice, this is where a few mentors have made some really poor choices. And even when the mentors make the right choice, it’s still tough to watch amazingly talented performers head home.

Adam Levine is pumped for the playoffs, which her refers to as a “more serious Olympics.” Huh? I was under the impression that the Olympics were serious business. And I’m pretty sure NBC nets way more viewers from its Olympic broadcasts than it does from live playoffs or battle rounds or whatever The Voice wants to call it.

Launching off the actual performing (as opposed to the filler that naturally takes place when there are only ten performances in a two-hour episode) is a combo performance from Team Adam and Team Blake. Three guys and seven gals take the stage, and well, the result of their take on Peace of Mind is iffy at best. But it’s over quick, allowing us to get on to the promised individual performances.

First up for the individual round is Joselyn Rivera. She sings a Demi Lovato hit with a voice that’s really too mature to fit in well with any Demi Lovato song. But the judges love maturity in a singer and they gush over her performance. Blake once again regrets that he was unable to snatch up Joselyn for his own team.

Terry takes the stage with yet another cover of Journey’s iconic hit Don’t Stop Believin’. Now, I like Journey as much as the next person, but I think this song is WAY overused in these reality competitions and on TV in general. Blake somehow thinks that Terry is going to bring the song back, as if it hasn’t been big for the last several years. I will give Terry this: as far as Journey covers go, his is still enjoyable. Cee Lo thinks Terry has what it takes to go all the way in this competition.

Melanie Martinez has been a bit controversial among the fans, with about half loving her and the other half exhibiting disgust over her cutesy ways. While the bow and strange hair colors do come off a bit gimmicky, I still really like the sound of her voice. Christina, however, is not such a fan of the “pitchiness” of Melanie’s voice or the song choice — Hit the Road Jack. She’s obviously trying to be nice, but it’s clear that Melanie’s not Christina’s favorite.

As the only country singer in the top 20, Liz Davis is likely to attract a lot of votes from the country-lovin’ crowd. She takes on a Martina McBride hit which in turn is a hit with the judges — especially Cee Lo, who says that the patriotic song choice makes him “proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free.” The choice of a patriotic song was clever, seeing as this performance comes the day before an election. No better way to get the voters over to the phone and the polls than to tug on their patriotic heartstrings.

Up next, Cassadee Pope from Team Blake is out to show everyone that she has what it takes to make it as a solo artist with My Happy Ending. Christina and Prince Cee Lo offered some kind words, shying away from telling her that the performance wasn’t as good as it could’ve been, but Adam admits that he was left wondering “Who is the real Cassadee Pope?” Blake seems to know though, and according to him, the real Cassadee Pope is a definite fan favorite. Is he right? We’ll find out on Thursday!

New York rocker Bryan Keith of Team Adam steps out on the stage singing Iris. The ladies (and a few guys) are all swooning as he eases his way through the song, with Levine beaming with pride the entire time. And Blake can hardly get a critique out through all the screams. So…we guess he’ll be getting a lot of votes for this one.

As the youngest in the competition, Michaela Paige has a lot of proving to do tonight. She’s already won the heart of her coach, Blake Shelton. Now, she’s trying to win the hearts of the voters with Everybody Talks. To Cee Lo, it was the best performance of the night (which isn’t tough to beat on a “meh” kind of night), and Adam begrudgingly offers Blake a compliment, saying that the song choice was brilliant.

The next artist to take the stage is Julio Cesar Castillo with El Rey. Time to break out your Spanish-English dictionaries! (Side note: What the heck is Lou Diamond Philips doing in the audience?!)

What’s the Spanish word for “amazing”?

Team Adam’s Loren Allred is singing All Around the World, trying to show everyone that she deserves to be in the competition, and that she made the right decision to drop out of school (stay in school, kids!).

Where were all of these great performances earlier in the show?!

Can Amanda Brown keep up the momentum with her rendition of Dream On? Did she hit “THE” note?

Um…yeah. She rocked it. And got a standing ovation from the entire audience. But, of course, the choice is yours… Was Amanda the best performance of the night? Does she have your vote? Who was your favorite from the first night of lives? Sound off in the Comments section below, and don’t forget to tune in to see Teams Christina and Cee Lo on Wednesday night.

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