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Ghost Hunters Recap: Post-Production Additions Make Paranormal Evidence Doubtful

November 07, 2012 08:18 PM by Ryan Haidet

Go ahead, Ghost Hunters fans.  Hate on me as much as you want.  Tonight’s episode was nothing but silly.  Watching this hour in which TAPS investigated two different locations was such a buzzkill having come after the awesome Survivor: Philippines episode right before it.  My frustration all surrounds an obviously inserted voiceover that makes me doubt any “reality” this show attempts to portray.

Creating More Skeptics & Frustrations

As the investigation started at the Governor’s Mansion in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, something very phony happened as Jason was questioning the spirits.  “You seem to like pushing people around,” Jason said.  “Did you do something to harm that little boy?”  Nothing strange with the question, just the way it was featured on the show because it was clearly something Jason recorded in post-production as a voiceover.  It wasn’t even a well-camouflaged voiceover.  If you have it on DVR, go back and listen to it again.  You will be able to tell.

So, why would they do this?  I realize that adding audio in post-production is sometimes a necessity.  Hell, every other reality show does it.  But the difference here is that these guys ask dozens of questions throughout the evening, so what is the value in cutting together an obviously crappy voiceover?  If they are going to try to camo voiceovers, how can any of the evidence they capture be taken seriously?  How do we know those paranormal moments aren’t manufactured in post-production?  That’s my main problem with this show in recent seasons.  When it used to seem like the TAPS team focused on debunking paranormal claims, the show is now just a constant exaggeration of every creak and squeak.  It has lost the allure that made it fun and believable, which totally bums me out.

Not Impressed

When the first investigation only resulted in the predictable strange sounds, I was at least hoping the second location would deliver something more.  They did capture a very creepy cackling/screaming sound on an audio recorder at the small, family home they were investigating in Tompkinsville, Kentucky.  It actually did give me goosebumps.  But I have my doubts about how real it actually might be.

For those of you who have asked me in the past, I definitely don’t hate this show.  I dig this kind of stuff.  I just hate when they try to sell us a phony final product on a show that’s already swirling with skepticism.  There are those of us who want to believe that what TAPS is doing might be somewhat legit in trying to find proof of the paranormal.  I’m being honest with my criticisms with the hopes that maybe somebody involved with the show will read them and try to take the suggestions seriously.

What are your thoughts on this episode?  Do you believe any of the evidence TAPS captured is proof of the paranormal?  Do you find it harder to believe anything this show puts out there?  Do you have any strange paranormal experiences yourself?  Sound off and leave a comment below.

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Photos courtesy of SyFy.

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One Response to “Ghost Hunters Recap: Post-Production Additions Make Paranormal Evidence Doubtful”

  1. Elsa Says:
    November 8th, 2012 at 8:53 am

    Please start watching and recapping Ghost Adventures. I watched Ghost Hunters for years but have stopped the last two years since discovering Ghost Adventures. I believe GA to be a much better show, where they do live EVP and playback to show that it is authentic.


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