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Survivor: Philippines Recap: Scrambling Strategies Lead To Crazy Tribal Council

November 07, 2012 07:34 PM by Ryan Haidet

I can’t say this enough.  Survivor: Philippines has been such an exciting season — and tonight’s episode was no exception.  The underwater footage was spectacular, the character development was interesting, the challenges were exciting and the last-minute scrambling strategies were fun to watch.  It all culminated in one of the craziest Tribal Councils I have ever witnessed in the show’s 25 seasons.  Seriously epic stuff shook the Dangrayne tribe as the scrambling continued up until the votes were made and another torch was snuffed.

Lisa’s Plan

When the episode began, veteran castaway Jonathan Penner was everybody’s easy target since his alliance turned on him after the tribal merge.  But he wasn’t the easy target for long because Penner won his first individual Immunity challenge ever and created a chaotic situation that nobody at Dangrayne was hoping for because they now had to find a new enemy.  The crap really hit the fan when Lisa started putting her new strategic plan into motion by targeting somebody who had instilled trust in her — Malcolm.  Having found his hidden Immunity Idol by mistake, Lisa used that information to her advantage by spilling the beans to several people.  She started by dishing the dirt to her main ally, Mike, before pitching they go to the end of the game together while carrying Abi, Artis and Pete with them.  She felt they were the three most unlikeable players left in the competition and it made sense to take them as far as possible since they would likely not garner many jury votes.

Lisa’s next step was with Pete as she told him that Malcolm had found a hidden Idol.  It was for that reason that she argued this was their perfect opportunity to blindside him and flush out another Idol.  But instead of keeping that information to himself and keeping the blindside idea a secret, Pete went straight to the source and asked Malcolm if he really did have an Idol as Lisa was saying.  Malcolm, who was clearly caught off guard, lied straight to Pete’s face and said he never had the Idol.  When Malcolm asked Pete who told him that he had found the Idol, Pete revealed Lisa as his source.

Uh oh.

Plan B

What went down in the next 15 minutes of the episode is possibly the craziest scrambling the show has ever seen.  Multiple people were thrown into the mix as elimination suggestions with different clusters of castaways jumping from one side to another to another.

At Tribal Council, Malcolm called Lisa out for making him a target — and she owned it completely.  As the discussion continued, Malcolm shockingly pulled out his hidden Idol and showed it off before declaring that he would be playing it since everything had suddenly gone nutty.  When Jeff Probst asked if anybody else wanted to reveal they have an Idol, most of the group laughed the question off realizing it would be stupid for them to yank theirs out of a bag.  Voila!  We have an idiot!  Abi reached down and pulled hers out and revealed it to the entire group.  The jaws were dropping — as was mine in my living room.

Plan C

With so much last-minute insanity, Penner stepped in and made a suggestion of a new six-way alliance with himself, Jeff, Malcolm, Denise, Carter and Mike.  Wow.  Amazing social politics in action.  After a tad more last-minute strategizing was held out in the open, the votes were tallied — and it was a close one.  In the end, Jeff Kent was voted out with five votes (Pete had four, Abi had one).  And despite his threats to use his now-public Idol, Malcolm held onto it.  Incredible television.  Jeff was somebody I didn’t think I would like at all this season, but I was pleasantly surprised by his smart moves throughout the game.  In his final comments as the credits rolled, he did make one really stupid comment in saying had he won the $1 million grand prize it would have only totaled about $600,000 after President Obama took his cut of it.  Stupid statement — especially on the heels of bragging about his $60 million professional baseball career.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode?  Were you surprised with how everything unfolded?  Are you sad Jeff Kent was voted off?  At this point, who do you think is most likely going to win the entire game?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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3 Responses to “Survivor: Philippines Recap: Scrambling Strategies Lead To Crazy Tribal Council”

  1. Michelle Says:
    November 7th, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    can anyone shed some light on Jeff Probst’s comment at the end of tribal council when he said, something to the affect of “a blown opportunity”


  2. Lynne Says:
    November 8th, 2012 at 11:58 am

    I believe Probst’s remark related to either or both of these situations: (1) Abi being able to save herself at a future time, especially after she heard herself excluded from Penner’s “6″ if she’d kept it secret; (2) Malcom — such a strong player — could have been eliminated if he didn’t play the Idol (which he didn’t … it was a bluff). There doesn’t seem to be a great strategizer on this season, or the various scenarios would have been discussed prior to the Council.

    I was enjoying Jeff the baseball player until his stupid remark as the columnist noted: Griping about how much of the mil would go to Obama (gee, who do you think HE voted for?) after bragging about his baseball earnings. What an arrogant prik, IMO.

    And I’ve gotta say, I don’t understand why these folks have been so bitter about the guys who got a second chance. It’s not like the returns of past winners … these men were/are interesting personalities and don’t deserve winning it all any less than do the rookies. A lot of whiners this season.

  3. Susan Says:
    November 8th, 2012 at 6:13 pm

    In an interview with ew.com, Jeff Probst said that he was thinking of Penner not strengthening his alliance with Jeff as the missed opportunity.


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