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The Voice Recap: Teams Christina and Cee Lo Go LIVE!

November 07, 2012 09:43 PM by Shayla Perry

The elections may be over, but there’s still plenty of voting to do as the second night of The Voice‘s live playoffs kick off on NBC (pardon us; we’re still trying to get used to the new lame term). Were there any performances that were more buzzworthy than Christina Aguilera’s braid, or whatever it is Cee Lo Green’s wearing this time? All the highlights from the show, after the jump.

It’s night 2 of the live playoffs on The Voice, and if you’re like us, you’re hoping that the performances from Teams Christina and Cee Lo are a little…okay, a lot more awe-inspiring than the ones we saw from Teams Adam and Blake on Monday.

True, there were some standouts, like Julio Cesar Castillo’s “El Rey.” And who could forget Amanda Brown rockin’ out to Aerosmith’s “Dream On” (we can still hear that note echoing!)? But overall, it was a disappointing opening night.

Will the powerhouses on Christina and Cee Lo’s teams give us the show we’ve been waiting for?

After what seemed like hours of introductions and recaps from Monday night, Teams Christina and Cee Lo joined forces for an electrifying performance of “Sing.” Already, we’re thinkin’ the night’s off to a much better start. (No offense to the members of Teams Adam and Blake.)

The first solo is from Team Xtina’s Adriana Louise. The 22-year-old waitress from New York is taking on Katy Perry‘s “Firework.” It’s ambitious, but if anyone can coach her through this one, Christina can.

It’s definitely not a Katy Perry performance, but Adriana gives the difficult song her all and it’s enough to get the approval of all four coaches. The question, however, is whether or not she got your approval.

Up next, Team Cee Lo’s country boy, Cody Belew (you know, the one who was an elderly black woman in his past life), singing George Michael’s “One More Try.” He’s got an amazing personality, but will that be enough to get him through to the next round?

With that performance, he won’t need his personality to win him any votes. Kudos to Cee Lo’s “brilliant” song choice. And who knew that Miranda Lambert was a fan of Cody’s too? Maybe she’ll be voting for him!

Luckily, Cody’s not competing against the next fan fave for votes (not yet anyway). De’Borah from Team Christina is singing Pink’s “Who Knew?” (speaking of which). As always, she commands the stage as only she can, and even gets her coach a little choked up in the process.

Another of Cee Lo’s lady killers is taking the stage next — Diego Val, singing “Bailamos.” The Voice is totally going bilingual this season.

Diego’s vocals were good, but as Adam and Christina noticed, he wasn’t exactly into it. In fact, Diego admits that the platform of the show itself is a little challenging for him because he’s more comfortable singing his own original music. Will that admission cost him votes, or will the ladies keep him in the competition just to be able to drool over him for at least another week?

MacKenzie Bourg is doing “What Makes You Beautiful,” and as usual, has all of the girls nearly fainting. He’s clearly popular and quite the “charmer,” as Christina says, but all of the coaches agree that song choice is going to be critical for him from here on out.

Team Christina’s Devyn DeLoera takes on “Bleeding Love,” attempting to show her range and depth as an artist. It wasn’t her best, and we don’t get to see as much of that softer side that we were hoping to see, but Devyn still manages to show off her vocal chops. (Since when is being a “powerhouse” singer a bad thing, btw?)

Cee Lo’s Nicholas David is bringing some soul with a little Barry White. Vocals aren’t an issue for Nicholas at all, but what Cee Lo wants him to work on is his swagger.

It’s definitely more swagg than we’ve ever seen from Nicholas; and it looks good on him! He even inspires Adam Levine to make some babies (any volunteers ladies?).

Sylvia Yacoub is trying to stand out in the competition, and just like Devyn, she wants to show her more vulnerable side. She’s taking a different approach though, sitting behind the piano for the first time, singing “The One That Got Away.”

The song choice was clearly the right one. Sylvia blew everyone away and definitely did what she set out to do — she made herself stand out.

Her teammate, Louisiana’s  Dez Duron is going a little bit country tonight with “Wanted.” There are a few pitchy moments, but with all of the screaming girls, you can hardly hear them. And besides, Christina couldn’t be more proud.

The final performance of the night (surprise, surprise) is from Team Cee Lo’s Trevin Hunte, who’s singing Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.”

He’s a fave of all four coaches (and the audience, too), but does he really have what it takes to be the winner of Season 3? Only time will tell.

Which performances from tonight were your favorites? Who do you think will be eliminated? Sound off in the Comments section below.

Tomorrow night — the results! Which artists will be moving on to the Top 12?

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