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America’s Next Top Model Recap: Dreams Come True…But Not For Nastasia

November 09, 2012 10:12 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

The college edition of America’s Next Top Model is drawing to a close, with only four wanna-be-on-tops duking it out to…be on top. This week, the models get to prove their worth by delivering a tourism ad on horseback and shooting a print ad for ANTM’s Dreams Come True fragrance.

Team bitch Kristin is gone at long last, which means that ANTM will be choosing a new villain on tonight’s episode. My guess is that Laura will get the honor , seeing as she often stepped in as Kristin’s assistant villain. Which reminds me, if you want to see something hilarious, check out Kristin’s Twitter page, @KristinKagay. There, you can see her villainous comebacks to the Twitter haters, plus feeble attempts at blaming ANTM for portraying her as more of a bitch than she really is in real life. Because, apparently, ANTM now has the power of human ventriloquism, allowing them to literally force Kristin to accuse Leila of being a “gap-toothed bitch.”

But back on topic. The girls are going equestrian for their next challenge. They will have to create advertisements for the Jamaica Tourism Board, but what’s more, they’ll be delivering these ads along the beach and on horseback. Laura’s pumped because she spent most of her childhood chilling with horses. Leila. on the other hand, is freaked, because she got beat up by a devil dolphin and she’s decided that horses also hate her. Before her shoot even starts, she has a full-on panic attack, despite the fact that the horse trainer is right by her side. Things go even worse for Nastasia, who completely blanks and is forced to improvise the entire shoot. Kiara also struggles with a runaway horse and excessive swearing, but she ultimately wins the competition.

Next up, the contestants get to shoot the ad for the America’s Next Top Model Dreams Come True campaign. Dreams Come True is the predictably stereotypical name of the official ANTM fragrance. Yes, the show has a fragrance. Doesn’t everyone these days? This shoot is a struggle for Leila because it’s commercial in nature, and if there’s anything we’ve learned about Leila, it’s that she’s the opposite of commercial.

It’s obvious that Kiara is in it to win it. She complains about how awful her mom has been, having failed to attend her basketball games or even cook meals. Normally, I’d be annoyed at the pity party, but it sounds like Kiara’s claims of a rotten childhood are actually legit. Laura’s comeback, of course, is that, even though she was spoiled rotten as a kid, she still deserves to win. Okay, valid argument, but it means less coming from someone who has taken the role of bitch number two throughout the course of the competition.

With the shoot out of the way, it’s time to head to panel! Rob Evans and Kelly Catrone get in an argument as to whether Leila’s look is too sexy for a teenage girl, with Kelly complaining that she would be highly disturbed if her daughter gave such a come-hither look across the dinner table. Umm, did Kelly just compare Leila to her daughter? Kelly’s a hater in general though, threatening to “rip the wig” off Bryanboy’s head and telling Rob to shut up. Please, please, please, rip off Bryanboy’s wig — I’d LOVE to see those two get in a cat fight. Kiara and Nastasia (or “Nastasha” as Kelly calls her) look lovely, although Nastasia’s shot really is more fitting of a 10-year-old’s bedroom (which is why, of course, Kelly loves it). Laura just looks awkward.

Moment of truth: who will follow the other model rejects into oblivion? Kiara is the obvious pick for best photo, and surprisingly, Leila takes second place. That leaves Nastasia and Laura on the bottom. While Tyra explains how tight the scores are, Laura starts bawling. Ugh, go home already. Unfortunately, my wish won’t come true for another week, because Laura is officially in the finale. Aww, I’m gonna miss Nastasia. She was so pretty and so down-to-earth, a quality not often seen in Top Model contests. The good news is, she actually has a shot at a modeling career, since Top Model winners never seem to do all that well once they’re done with the show.

OMFG the finale is next week!! Who do you think will be crowned America’s Next Top Model? Share your predictions in the comments section below!

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