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Suede Talks Project Runway All Stars Elimination And Harnessing Creativity

November 10, 2012 05:00 PM by Donna W. Martin

Last night’s episode 3 of Project Runway All Stars season 2 called for the designers to get extra creative. Not only did they have to create a clothing design, they also had to create a graffiti print fabric design on white cotton or chiffon inspired by aerosol art. At the end of the challenge, Suede’s design received the lowest score and he was out. Take the jump to find out what Suede had to say about being eliminated from the competition.

According to Lifetime, Suede was surprised but upbeat by the judges’ decision, “WTF, definitely not good! Wow, it’s Suede’s time to go again. Didn’t I do this not so long ago?” He said.

The bottom two designers were Suede and Kayne. “The judges said I’m too creative so I guess if Suede has to go – best to go being too creative.” After all, he said, “You don’t want to do a design competition and not be creative enough.”

Suede loved his design saying he “wouldn’t change a thing about that design.” Then went on to say that “fashion is an evolution and this is where I am at right now in my career and I believe in that garment. It’s better to go home over something I believe in than something that I say coulda, woulda, shoulda.”

Judge, Isaac commented that he didn’t find the design “particularly wearable” and that the design went very party city, almost costumish.”

Suede was quick to say, “I don’t agree with the judges’ decision. I don’t even agree with the bottom three.” He felt other designs “specifically Althea’s” did not meet the 80% graffiti print requirement for the challenge. “I lived up to the challenge,” Suede said. “And I feel some of the other designers didn’t.”

Carolyn told Suede, “Your creativity is what makes this runway more interesting and fun” but that he needed to “harness” that creativity a little bit “but not too much because we love you for who you are.”

Suede said, “The biggest thing I think I learned from the judges was to harness my creativity – really think deeper about what I’m putting out on the runway.” He went on to say, “I am totally at peace with this. I am an all star at the end of the day. I am here with the creme de la crème. These designers have so much talent and just like you guys, I can hardly wait to see what they bring to the runway.”

“Right now I just want to take a nice hot shower and have a really strong drink!” He said.

What did you think of Suede’s design? Do you agree with the judges that his design was the worst? Post a comment and tell us what you think.

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Photo Credit: Lifetime

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One Response to “Suede Talks Project Runway All Stars Elimination And Harnessing Creativity”

  1. day renee Says:
    November 11th, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    Idk about that designer but that model wearing his clothes couldnt be anymore fabulous, she gave me goosebumps when she walked down the catwalk her look and everything, she by far was the best model there hands down!


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