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The Real Housewives of Miami Recap: The Dinner Party From Hell…Miami Style!

November 11, 2012 10:18 PM by Shayla Perry

Forget about Beverly Hills and the trouble-making medium. Tonight on Bravo, the ladies of FL are about to show everyone how dinner parties are done when things get heated (yes, again!) between Joanna Krupa and Adriana De Moura. What did you miss on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Miami?

Tonight on RHOM….

Karent, Lisa, and Joanna are all at a charity beach volleyball event that Joanna’s playing in to help build wells in Africa. Surprisingly, she’s not too shabby on the court, and of course, they’re not done talking about the drama with Adriana, and how it’s effecting Joanna’s relationship with Roman.

Joanna gets goosebumps when Roman actually shows up to the event, which he says she didn’t “deserve.” What’s his beef?  He’s not happy about the way she handled the situation with Adriana and how embarrassing it was for her to behave the way she did. He’s willing to accept that people “f–k up,” but makes her promise that if they’re out together, she won’t drink.

Meanwhile, it’s all tears with Ana as she packs up her office and prepares to leave after 20 years practicing with her soon-to-be ex. Robert seems to be taking it pretty well though. The shot of alcohol that she thinks will help her get through it doesn’t quite do the trick either. We’re not sure what’s worse — the fact that she said that the alcohol tasted like “raccoon piss,” or that she claims to know what raccoon piss actually tastes like. How disturbing!

After a difficult conversation between Lisa and Karent about fertility issues, Lea Black gets some bad news about her dog. After many nights at the animal hospital, the vet says that little Leroy isn’t getting any better, so Lea rushes off to be with him. Sadly, right before she gets there, he passes away.

Perhaps the most awkwardly hilarious scene of the episode (yes, even more than the dinner party) was Lisa taking her housekeeper to her husband, thinking that they’re giving her the gift of a lifetime — plastic surgery. Except, when Lisa’s husband is interviewing Daisy, they find out that she’s had a boob lift, and liposuction (twice!). Damn Daisy! Someone knows what she’s doing — work for the right people, and you’ll get taken care of! After having her employers BOTH look her over as she’s sitting topless in the exam room, Daisy decides that she might as well ask about getting a little Botox, too.

Scratch that… It was probably more awkward seeing Lea screaming for her housekeeper, who was sitting quietly reading the Bible. Finally, Lea walks into the housekeeper’s room, takes the Bible and turns it over, telling her that when she calls her, she needs to answer. And what was so pressing? Lea wanted to talk to her about planning a memorial for the dog. Maybe Fredita should take a few lessons from Daisy.

At Leroy’s “home-going,” which certainly wasn’t a Phaedra Parks affair, Lea tells Freda to say something about Leroy. Maybe it would’ve been a little more heartfelt and poetic if she’d been able to read her Bible for a few more minutes.

Later, Alexia invites all of the ladies to her house to talk. Trouble!

Not long after everyone arrives, the host herself is starting stuff! When Joanna walks in, Adriana says that the mood in the room changed. Quite loudly, we might add. Then Alexia proceeds to pretend to put holy water on Adriana and Marysol. Keepin’ it classy.

Then, as they sit to eat, Marysol starts in on Karent about that interview, which somehow turns into another discussion about the fight between Joanna and Adriana.

For a minute, the two make nice and accept one another’s apologies, but we know that doesn’t last long.

And if that wasn’t enough, the ladies have the nerve to take their drama to someone else’s dinner party on Thursday night’s episode! You just can’t miss that one, but if you do, you know where to get all the dish!

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