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The Amazing Race Recap: Sychronized And Alphabetized

November 12, 2012 01:29 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

This week on The Amazing Race, the remaining (and increasingly bad-tempered) contestants wrap up their journey through Turkey [insert obligatory Thanksgiving turkey pun here] and head for Russia. And the audience once again gets treated to an incredibly awkward (and occasionally attractive) display of our Amazing Race friends’ bodies as they attempt synchronized swimming.

Now that they’re all done with Turkey, it’s time for the remaining contestants to head to Russia. The twins do not manage to make any transportation thefts this time, and I’m glad. James and Abba had enough on their plate during the last few episodes and they did not deserve to be stolen from and forced to beg on the streets. While the majority of the contestants (including James and Abba) are able to make the plane on time, Josh and Brent dawdle and fall behind. They have to consult a travel agent to find the best way to Russia.

Now that the Abbie and Ryan plus Nadiya and Natalie alliance has fallen apart, it’s time for Abbie and Ryan to find a new team to torment work with. They choose Josh and Brent. This is more a combination of necessity, as both teams are incredibly late at this point. The alliance will probably end when the four are forced to sprint towards the finish line.

Apparently, tackling one Olympic event (ping pong) wasn’t enough for one season of The Amazing Race, which is why synchronized swimming is now being thrown in as a challenge. If I was into betting, I’d bet a lot of money on Chippendale dancers James and Jaymes choosing the option that allows them to take their clothes off. Surprise, surprise, they immediately take the synchro route. The Chips are joined by “twinnies” Natalie and Nadiya, as well as. Choosing synchronized swimming may have been a mistake for these teams, as the challenges turns out to NOT be a repeat of last week’s slacker massage challenge.  People tend to disagree as to whether synchro qualifies as a sport, but no matter its classification, this pursuit is not an easy one!

The Chippendales do finish up with the sychro eventually, but it’s clear they’re happy to be done with that event…nearly naked or not. They encourage the twins to keep at it and not use up their valuable Express pass. Normally, we’d think this was surprisingly devious on the Chips’ part, but somehow these two have discovered that two of the teams are half a day behind. This leaves plenty of time for Natalie and Nadiya to perfect their routine. Awww, how sweet. I wonder how long it will take the twins to stab the Chips in the back?! (As you can see, I now have trust issues with the twins, seeing as they stole $100 last week and have in general been a bit bitchy the last few weeks. And to think they used to be my one of my favorite teams.)

Lexi and Trey go for the library option and end up wishing they’d have jumped in the pool as well. Russian alphabetization also happens to be no walk in the park; Cyrillic is not the easiest for m of communication known to man! Not to mention, this library hasn’t made it to the 21st century yet. It still has a card catalog, and the technologically adept racers aren’t so hot at wading through the massive list of books.

Despite the issues mentioned above Abbie, Ryan, Josh and Brent all would have liked to complete the library challenge. But they’re too late; the library has already closed. So it’s off to the pool! The coach is frustrated with all these stupid, talentless Americans and clearly is not pushing final group as much as she did the twins and the Chips. Next time she’ll think again before agreeing to judge a weird American TV show.

After struggling with the alphabetizing challenge, Trey and Lexi break through the pack and arrive first. Everyone was expecting a proposal from Trey during this leg of the race, but apparently that won’t happen until either the two have been declared winners or have been sent home. The Chips and the twins are hot on their tail, and as usual, the twins are pissed about not coming in first. Oh come on, it doesn’t really matter if you come in first until the last leg. Just so long as you don’t come in last.

I’m despondent now, because James and Abba no longer have their passports. The two had decided to have a cab wait until they finished the Roadblock, but the cab left with their stuff and without them! Gosh, these two really can’t keep track of anything, can they? James and Abba do make it to the pit stop but cannot check in without their passports. Which means that the race is over for my favorite team! At least James can finally go visit his father, since he hasn’t seen him since before the cancer diagnosis. But who will I be rooting on now? Maybe the Chips after their surprising display of generosity (and, okay, nearly naked bodies during almost every episode)?

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